Leadership Training Programs: University of the Virgin Islands & Others

There are many summer institutes and programs around the world that allow students enrichment opportunities. Certainly, these programs help to build leaders around the world, and they rely on the contributions of generous people and companies to continuing with their roles.

One such program is the University of the Virgin Island’s summer institute which brings together student leaders from the Caribbean and the United States. It is a two week intensive program that focuses on leadership developing for tomorrow, culture and communication and the global business environment. Many institute participants take the leadership skills that they learn here back to their countries and communities and implement the skills and expertise that they have learned through the institute. Uriel Cohen, White Bay Group founder and Elli Ausubel have contributed to the Summer Institute for Future Global Leaders and the the Junior University at the University of the Virgin lslands (UVl). Similarly, the White Bay Group USVI has made educational contributions to other schools in the Virgin Islands including the Charlotte Amalie High School and the Guy Benjamin Elementary School.

In another unique program, Brandeis University has a four week leadership training program specifically for entering 12th grade students from Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia. The program is intended to strengthen the skills of effective leaders and to develop a blueprint for applying leadership skills to the school or community where the students live. It also allows students to experience life on a college campus and to explore an area in the United States, as the tour around Waltham and Boston, Massachusetts. The program is endowed by funds from the Baltic-American Enterprise Fund. This is a US government-created investment fund.

Owning or Admiring a Piece of History

Clemens Manuscript at Shapell Manuscript Foundation
Clemens Manuscript at Shapell Manuscript Foundation

Certainly, many people today enjoy collecting autographs, documents and other items from the rich and famous. Some people enjoy trying to get autographs from living celebrities, while others enjoy a piece of history.

There are different ways to obtain these pieces of history and to enjoy such a prize. Here are a few ways to do so.

  1. Fan club mail: If you write to a celebrity, they will often send you a headshot with a signature. Now, the signature won’t be a handwritten one, but will usually be a computer generated copy.
  2. Find someone who knows someone: One way to get the signature you want is to actually meet the person. This is obviously not easily done, but if you find connections, you might be able to either meet them yourself and get their signature, or have someone else do so.
  3. Auctions and collectors: Historic documents and memorabilia do come up for sale at times. You can look for antique sales and can see what auction houses have to offer. A reputable manuscript foundation like Shapell Manuscript Foundation has fascinating documents and items from famous people throughout history. A few of their recent examples include one of the last documents ever signed by William McKinley before he was killed and a mock-up by Samuel Clemens of his title page and dedication of “More Tramps Abroad.”

With a bit of ingenuity and perseverance, you should be able to own (or at least admire) pieces of history from the rich and famous.

Nature Exhibits Fascinate Children and Adults Alike in Dallas, TX

Children of all ages are fascinated by the natural world around them. Animals large and small, unique and fascinating plants, even the skeletons of creatures long gone captivate their imaginations and expose them to different forms and stages of life on Earth. The Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, Texas, works to create interactive experiences to teach children about the many living things with whom we share our planet, while introducing them to new concepts, spectacular animals and new perceptions.

The museum currently has a traveling exhibit open to visitors called ‘Animal Inside Out‘, which explores the biology, zoology and physiology of creatures of all sizes. Created by Dr. Gunther von Hagens and Dr. Angelina Whalley, the exhibit teaches visitors about the skeletal structures,muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nervous systems of various animals, including cows, horses and ostriches, as well how animals breathe, eat and reproduce. Dr. von Hagens and Dr. Whalley hope that their eye-opening exhibition will inspire a new appreciation for living things and awareness for the importance of animal conservation.

The Perot Museum recently ended the ‘Recycle Reef’ summer exhibit, and has additional exhibitions on the way, including ‘The World’s Largest Dinosaurs’, presented by Highland Capital Management with Co-Founder and President James Dondero.

“Dinosaurs rock!” Jim Dondero explained. “The science and fantasy of dinosaurs inspire children of all ages. We are proud to help bring the World’s Largest Dinosaur exhibit to Dallas.”

The ‘World’s Largest Dinosaurs’ exhibit is scheduled for next April.


Doral Bank Offers Free Education Workshop

Doral Bank has recently announced their participation in a free educational workshop in Puerto Rico to learn about home ownership. Entitled Ruta d Hogares, the program includes information about home ownership “refinancing, loss mitigation, financial education, as well as tools and programs to help with the purchase of a first home.”

Four municipalities and Puerto Rico’s Consumer Credit Counseling bureau will all be joining Doral in this initiative.

As Jesus F. Mendez, EVP for Doral Bank, Puerto Rico Operations said, “Doral is pleased to be working with municipalities throughout Puerto Rico to educate communities about home ownership. We have helped to design this initiative to enhance the understanding of people who are homeowners and those who are prospective purchasers about key aspects of homeownership. The program, among other things, will feature experts on options for buying or refinancing, savings products for first-time home buyers and important education for consumers when facing financial difficulties.”

The scheduled seminars include:

  • October 12, 2013 @9AM — Municipality of Dorado — Juan Boria Theater
  • October 19, 2013 @9AM — Municipality of Bayamón — Braulio Castillo Theater
  • October 26, 2013 @9AM — Municipality of Carolina — the Antonio González Caballero Theater at the School of Fine Arts (Escuela de Bellas Artes)

The mayor of Dorado, Carlos A. Lopez said, “Every family dreams of having a secure home, and Ruta d Hogares should be a helpful step in that direction. The workshops are designed to help the public receive important information and guidance from consumer banking professionals regarding various alternatives related to mortgage financing.


Autism Speaks Hosted by Patrick Dollard and the Center for Discovery

Patrick Dollard
Specially Designed Tables at the Center for Discovery Help Clients Learn

CEO and President Patrick Dollard, Center for Discovery, along with other senior leadership of the Center, welcomed representatives from Autism Speaks last July for an informative visit showcasing the 60 years the Center has been providing care for adults and children with autism and sever physical disabilities.

The Discovery Center is New York State’s largest residential pediatric provider serving children with severe disabilities in addition to those with autism. There are over 1,500 staff members on three campuses. Together the facilities cover 1,500 acres, accommodating its constantly growing population of residential and day patients.

At its inception the Center primarily cared for children with serious physical disabilities, but when it began to also care for those with autism, Discovery eventually expanded, doubling its population. Those in the residential program are fed organically grown food raised at the Center itself. Many residents also eat at tables specifically designed by an adaptive technology unit.

Patrick Dollard explained that when he contemplated an appropriate name for the Center, he wanted to avoid calling the Center after a disease. Instead he wanted the name to reflect more on the philosophy of the Center. Since Dollard’s goal is to try and change the way people think about disabilities, being more open to all and every possibility for care and treatment, discovery seemed an apropos name, indeed.

“I would bring in a shaman from the forest if I thought it would help us,” Dollard said.

Visiting the Discovery Center were Autism Speaks President Liz Feld, Executive Vice President for Strategic Communications Michael Rosen, and members of the science staff of the autism advocacy organization. Autism speaks focuses its energies on funding research into finding the causes, prevention, and treatments for autism as well as supporting the care of people with this little-understood disability.

Autism Speaks is also dedicated to advocacy and increasing awareness of autism in the general public.