Ronald McDonald Is No Longer My Friend


“Happy” Meals Sadden Kids?  Not for 10 Cents!

It’s like taking a candy from a kid…but in this case it’s a toy.  Well, it could be, now that the McDonald’s chain is set to charge for the toy that they put in the “Happy Meal.”  It’s not quite the company’s fault though and it does not look like this will be happening nationwide. 

The issue is that there is a law in the city of San Francisco that bans putting toys in kids’ meals that are deemed to be unhealthy (which means they have a high fat, salt and sugar content, aka the McDonald’s Happy Meals).  This law goes into effect tomorrow. 

Cleverly however, McDonald’s has a plan.  The way it is “dealing” with the issue is by charging customers for the addition of the toy (so it doesn’t break the law about being a free toy). Actually, it’s not as bad as it sounds as the charge will be pretty negligible… 10 cents!

San Francisco Making the Most of It!

Actually what is going to end up happening is that the way San Francisco is going to get around the law is to ultimately produce MORE smiley faces!  Because of the ban – and given what Scott Rodrick (owner of 10 out of the 19 franchises in the city) is doing to work within the law to enable kids to still get their toy – the money will be used to help construct a new Ronald McDonald House which will probably temporary housing for families with sick children.  This will be built at the new UCSF Hospital that is currently being erected on the Mission Bay campus.

So indeed it seems that every cloud has a silver lining.  Kids will still be thrilled with their “Happy Meals” and parents for sure won’t mind basically donating 10 cents to a really good cause so that they can get a toy as well.  It’s a win-win for everyone!