Staying Healthy and Slim Over Christmas

So many people seem to totally break their diets over the Christmas and New Year holiday season.  It’s such a shame as they may have put months of hard work into meal planning, diets, and exercise, and then, come Christmas, it all seems to go out the proverbial window.  So what can one do to prevent this from happening, yet still enjoy the holiday season?  According to registered dietician April Kneifel, who works at Curves International Inc., (the women’s sensation for quick-changing exercises), says it is not necessarily the actual food, but rather the amount that ends up being problematic.  She thus suggests a very easy change to implement: the use of a smaller plate as if there is less room on the plate, there is less food to go on it!

Another easy-to-implement suggestion comes from a nutrition instructor who works for South University Online Programs, Rose Giordano, suggested just not keeping the junk at home.  If you know you cannot avoid it, make sure it doesn’t come into your house, she says.  In addition, there are ways to keep eating your favorite foods but just modify the recipe to lower the calorie and fat content.  As well, at parties over the holidays, first fill up on the veggie platters and then move on to the other stuff – that way you’ll probably be too full to eat anything else!

So don’t break all that hard work just because you’re getting into the holiday spirit.  Enjoy your Christmas vacation, but do it in a healthier way.  It really is possible.


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