An Interview With Peter Pan Prequel Star Charlie Rowe

Last night, Part I of the new Peter Pan prequel “Neverland” was aired on SyFy, with Part II scheduled for 8pm tonight. The prequel takes place in the alleys of London, the raging Caribbean seas and the imaginary world where time has no meaning- Neverland. Starring Charlie Rowe as Peter Pan, Rhys Ifans as (Captain) James Hook, Keira Knightley as the voice of Tinkerbell and Bob Hoskins as Smee, the film brings new depths to J.M. Barrie’s classic.

In an interview with The Deadbolt, actor Charlie Rowe shared his personal experiences and thoughts on the film, his fellow cast members and creating Neverland.

The Deadbolt: How does this story set up as compared to the famous Peter Pan?

Charlie Rowe: Well, obviously it’s a prequel to that story. It sets in stone what happens in the original. So it describes how Hook loses his hand, how Peter learned to fly, and how they get to Neverland.

The Deadbolt: Since much of the special effects were added in later, how much of Neverland did you have to create in your own imagination?
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Rowe: 85% of it was green screen. So a lot of the film we did just imagining what would be there, what the creatures would look like. But obviously we did have Nick, the director, helping us. He had his own images of what it would look like. We had an alligator with eight legs on it, the mountains, and the white woods, so we sort of knew what it would look like, relatively. When we came to watch it, he really made that into reality.

The Deadbolt: Do you feel a special connection to Neverland as an actor since you had to create so much of it in your imagination?

Rowe: Well, I feel that the world that’s on the camera, the one that you see, it’s sort of my world, really. It’s what Nick and I both saw. It’s how we describe Neverland. So yeah, I suppose so.


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