Shlomo Rechnitz: Giving Back to the Community

medical-supplyIt’s always a pleasure to see someone who is succeeding in the business world, remember those less fortunate. But what’s even more pleasing is that they actually achieve a true balance of work-philanthropy.

Shlomo Rechnitz’ TwinMed achieves exactly that. Established with his twin brother Steve Rechnitz, TwinMed enables nursing homes to purchase supplies via an established daily rate for everything needed for each patient in their care (rather than per item, in which case the customer often ends up with way more than they need).

Because of how this helps the client, TwinMed is fast becoming one of America’s largest medical supply distributors for nursing homes. This has given it real acclaim in the business world two.
Further, over the last two years since its launch, Steve and Shlomo Rechnitz have presented TwinMed as a case study for Stanford MBA students. But at the same time, the brothers have earned a reputation for their focus on philanthropy.

Steve and Shlomo Rechnitz have shown – through TwinMed and other works – that nice guys can actually come in first.


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