Practicing Safe Sex

When you’re a student, chances are you’ll be meeting all sorts of interesting people.  Sometimes you’ll want to form a relationship with them, at other times you might be interested in a one-night stand.  Whether you are straight or gay, the same rule applies:  ensure you practice safe sex at all times.  It is never worth taking a risk for ‘just one night’ since that could be the night that you’re caught out.  Apart from the risk of pregnancy for women, both men and women face the same risk of STIs.  Even if you think you know the person you are with, you should still not take a risk.  Of course, if you are in a committed and trusted long-term relationship the risks should be lower, but still, wearing a condom can never hurt.  There have just been too many situations where otherwise extremely sensible individuals get caught out.  So what tips are there to ensure the practice of safe sex?  Mainly, wear a condom (or ensure your partner is wearing one!).  If you’re a woman, you can also take the contraceptive pill for extra protection.  But remember: the pill will only protect you against pregnancy, not the spread of STIs.  The advantage of taking the pill and using a condom is that if the condom should split, at least you are still protected against an unwanted pregnancy.  Never listen to a guy who claims wearing a condom is uncomfortable; even if that were true, it’s tough.  Clearly this guy doesn’t care about you at all and therefore you shouldn’t want to be with him anyway.  Go out and have a good time for sure, but do so carefully.


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