Lady Gaga Insulted by Ice-Cream?

Could it be possible that Lady Gaga, the famous popsinger, is getting all het up about a new flavor of ice-cream being sold in London’s Covent Garden?  Well, not exactly the flavor, (although that’s having plenty of others up in arms) but its name.  “Baby Gaga” the new ice cream flavor being sold at the boutique Covent Garden ice-cream store The Icecreamists, is made up of breast milk, lemon zest and vanilla pods.  The first ingredient has been causing quite a stir amongst various individuals who are somewhat horrified by the idea, but the shop owners have been vehemently defending the creamy scoop of ice protesting its nutritional benefits.  Totally organic and natural, they claim, “if it’s good enough for our babies, it’s good enough for us.”

Baby Gaga From Lady Gaga?

Even if that is the case, Lady Gaga feels it shouldn’t have her name and has even sent The Icecreamists a threatening letter from her lawyer that this will result in court action if the name is not changed. The question is, does she really have copyright laws to the word that babies often utter when “speaking” for the first time.  Let’s not worry about hardened criminals roaming our streets; let’s sort out who can use the name Gaga already.


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