Coke Is It

Pretty much everyone loves a can of ice-cool coke. The carbonated beverage has been popular for years and no doubt will continue to be for years’ to come.  But what are the origins of this dark brown heavily-sweetened drink?  It was John Pemberton who created the drink, but unfortunately the man never got to drink to his success since he died in 1888.  When the beverage was first sold two years earlier, it was for a price of 5 cents a glass at Atlanta’s Jacobs’ Pharmacy soda fountain.

From Nine to Over a Billion

Amazingly Pemberton was only selling around nine glasses of his tasty beverage a day when he first started out.  Today Coca-Cola sells around 1.4 billion servings!  Asa Griggs CandlerIf you suffer from any kind of heart problems ? Patients with severe hepatic impairment ? Patients with kidney and liver diseases ? Men with high blood pressure may have low libido and less interest in sex. soft cialis online Also it is essential to tell the doctor completely about your health and let him soft tabs viagra know if any ups and down occur. It is prevalent for people with this condition to some degree, levitra soft yet only a small number seek help from the Internet to come across authentic and leading online pharmacies. In fact, to avoid any kind of complication, it is advisable to see a doctor and get prescribed. cialis in canada (from Atlanta) bought the rights to the business from 1888 to 1891 for a mere $2,300.  Clever Candler certainly made the right decision as the business boomed with his development of plants in Chicago, Dallas and LA.  The Coca-Cola servers were nicknamed Soda Jerks because they made a jerking motion when preparing a drink for a customer.
In 1923 the six-pack Coca-Cola was launched and the beverage remained loyal to its original flavor for 70 years. But then in the 1950s and onwards, the following drinks came on to the market:  Fanta, Sprite, TAB and Fresca.  Today the drink is still enjoyed in its original form and the owners continue to reap significant financial benefit from John Pemberton’s unique recipe.


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