Bride for a Day…without the Groom

dress-349675_640What will tour companies think of next? A Japanese tour operator may have just taken the cake, offering women who dream of that magical wedding to have it – without the groom. Cerca Travel is offering this two-day bridal package for brides…on their own in the city of Kyoto in Japan. What do brides get for this package?

With prices starting at well over a thousand dollars, you can put on a traditional Japanese gown or a white wedding gown, have a bouquet arrangement and have pictures taken. While, as their website says, you are still “young and beautiful.” You’ll have your hair and makeup done and have your gown specially fitted.

The package also includes one night in a hotel (alone?), a mini photo album and USB stick and even a groom, should you decide to throw one in.

Now as a tourist that would certainly be an interesting way to see a new city!



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