Smurf Town Gets Flooded with Visitors

Picture from Wikimedia Commons of Juzcar, Spain by Jordi Hernandes
Picture from Wikimedia Commons of Juzcar, Spain by Jordi Hernandes

Talk about a random chain reaction. A tiny village in Spain painted all of its buildings blue when it was approached by Sony with the request. They were releasing The Smurfs in 3D movie and used the village of Juzcar, 13 miles from the town of Ronda, as part of their publicity stint.

Now, the village has received such a flow of tourists that they’ve agreed to keep their homes blue. And they are about to launch a Smurf theme park as well. They have attracted over 200,000 tourists with their blue color.
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The Smurf Park will cost cost £36.9million to build but they are hoping to bring in at least £11 million a year to the area. The theme park would be the first of its kind in the world that focuses on the Smurfs.


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