Get Your Lick Here: The Edible Mist Machine

It looks like something straight out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but it’s not a story.

Charlie Harry Francis loves inventing things with food. But he doesn’t invent them in the way that you or I would, perhaps. Having grown up on an ice cream farm in South Wales with his dad, an ice cream maker, and his mom, a baker and confectionary maker, Charlie loves finding new ways to deliver food to people.

So far, as his website explains, he’s invented: “the Popcorn Hairdryer, Nitro Ice Cream Buggy, Soup Washing Machine, Gramophone Ice Cream Pottery Wheel, Edible Mist Machine, Instant Lollipop Maker, Whirligig Candyfloss Whirlwind, Levitron Cocktail levitating Device, Glow in the Dark Ice Cream and the Olfactic Dog Nose.”

His latest creation, featured in the video below, is a machine that uses ultrasonic vaporization to create a microscopic mist. You suck this mist through a straw and get an instant flavor hit. And you can enjoy over two hundred flavors this way! This includes everything you could imagine from fois gras and tiramisu to butter, popcorn and beyond. And it’s all calorie free.

It’s called the Edible Mist Machine and it’s created by Charlie and his company Lick Me I’m Delicious. As Charlie explains,”It messes with your mind because your brain expects something to be in your mouth. It’s a pretty fun machine, the range of flavours is massive and we can also produce you a personalised mist from pretty much anything in the World like your favourite book or even your hair.  And it’s zero calories.”

Check it out below. And get ready to salivate.

Out and About in Florida

There is a lot to see and do in Miami these days. From new restaurants to stunning architecture, theme parks to glorious recreational parks, there truly is something for everyone. Indeed, there are constantly new attractions opening up in the region.
aquaticaFor example, earlier this month BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse opened at Florida’s newest outlet center, Palm Beach Outlets. Measuring in at around 8,500 sq. ft., those who frequent the eatery will be subject to BJ’s classic deep-dish pizza, infamous Pizookie® dessert and “award-winning handcrafted beer.” This is the first time BJs has opened up in the West Palm Beach region, marking its 17th restaurant in Florida (5th in South Florida).
For tourists – or even residents – who love to walk around the neighborhood and admire new, striking architecture, Vladimir Doronin’s latest project will be of interest. Located in the attractive Brickell area, Doronin has been working alongside Ugo Colombo of CMC Group Inc., in this development. On the project, Doronin said, “we both see tremendous opportunity in Miami and in the Brickell area particularly. We also share a commitment to innovative aesthetics and relentless attention to detail, so I am especially pleased to partner with Ugo on these exceptional new projects, with more ideas in the pipeline.” These high-end condominium super-structures are set to be a truly phenomenal site in the region.
Since summer is on the way, for those in the Florida state, Aquatica could be just the ticket. This SeaWorld waterpark located in Orlando just opened and is the city’s “tallest, steepest and only multi-drop tower slide,” where riders get to drop closet to 80 feet at 20-24 feet per second from a breakaway box. Certainly not for the faint of heart but for those looking for a thrill it could be perfect!
Florida has been subject to some tremendous developments recently. Each is unique and cater to extremely different tastes. This sunshine state really does have something to offer everyone.

Dog Died? No Problem. PetMatch Has a Replacement for You

Petmatch_1-11If Muffy, your beloved dog, as just died and you’re mourning her loss, there might be another solution. PetMatch, a new app, will help you to find a near replica and to adopt a new dog. Using images of either an old pet or an animal that belongs to a friend, they can help you to find a similar dog nearby.

The app searches for animals that are up for adoption in your local area.

Launched by Californian start-up Superfish, which has a specialty in image search algorithm, they will help you find a local match. Using their patented image recognition technology, they perform geometric analysis.

Users can then browse a list of potential matches and then click through to a profile that they want to see. They can get the contact information for the adoption center where the specific animal is.

The service is only in the US and is only for cats and dogs.

As the developers explained, “PetMatch is a faster, more intuitive way to bring you closer to finding exactly what you’re looking for. Behind the scenes, PetMatch uses Superfish’s patented image recognition technology to find similar adoptable pets in your area [and] gives you all the information you need to connect with the adoption agency.”

The company also has an app called Window Shopping that can help shoppers to find clothing that is similar to something they already have, or that they’ve seen in a shop.

Get to Work Early, Says Recent Study

sleepIn a fascinating and potentially important bit of research, the University of Washington found that flextime isn’t necessarily all it’s cracked up to be. Bosses in the study, led by Christopher Barnes of the University of Washington, showed an “early bias” that favored employees who arrived early.

Many international companies allow for flextime. Google lets its employees set their own hours; Microsoft allows many employees to do so as well as long as they come in between 9 and 11 am. At KPMG, 70% of the employees work flexible hours.

As Mr. Barnes found, “People seem to have a tendency to celebrate early-risers. Witness the enduring popularity of aphorisms like Ben Franklin’s ‘early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise’ or, in China, ‘a day’s planning should be done in the morning.”

He explained, “The field study we conducted tested the hypothesis that supervisor ratings of conscientiousness and performance would be associated with the timing of an employee’s work day.” The hypothesis was supported.

The researchers found that supervisors rated employees who came to work early as more conscientious. They received higher ratings than did those employees who came to work later.

They then created a lab experiment to test their theory that supported this early bird theory.

As the researchers concluded, “One way or another, team leaders must come to accept that the people who use flextime to start their day late are not necessarily lazier than their early-bird colleagues.

Otherwise, flextime policies that could serve both employees and employers well will become known, and avoided, as routes to dead-end careers.”

Friendships That Stand the Test of Time

Franklin Pierce
Franklin Pierce

You never know where friendship will grow, or who will influence each other throughout their lifetimes. On this day, 150 years ago, a heart-broken President Franklin Pierce wrote to his sister, Mrs. Mary M. Aikens, to recount finding his dear friend, writer Nathaniel Hawthorne, dead.

The two were inseparable friends, having met at Bowdoin College when Pierce was a sophomore and Hawthorne a freshman. When Pierce was nominated for President, he had Hawthorne write his campaign biography. The biography, The Life of Franklin Pierce (1852) helped Pierce to get elected to the Presidency. He returned the favor to Hawthorne by electing him to the American foreign service as the Consul at Liverpool.

Hawthorne, though sick and weak, had recommended to Pierce that they take a trip together, and it was here that Hawthorne died. As Pierce wrote to his sister in a letter that is part of the Shapell Manuscript Foundation “Between the Lines” program,

What I said would perhaps prepare you to some extent for the intelligence which may reach you by telegraph before you receive this. We came here yesterday afternoon. At about 9 o’clock Hawthorne retired, & soon fell into a quiet slumber. He changed his position in about half an hour, but continued to sleep. I retired before 11 thinking that he would have a quiet night, I awoke between 1 & 2 o[‘]clock and went to his bed side. (There was a light in my room & a door between it and that of H, which was left open[,] our beds were near each other) He had again changed his position but was lying naturally upon his side with his face toward me and I supposed was in quiet repose. I returned to my bed, but waking between 3 & 4 o’clock I was surprised to observe that his position was unchanged[,] and placing my hand upon his temple found that life was extinct.

He continued, as evidenced by the Shapell Manuscript Foundation’s letter to say, “Mr. Hillard[,] who knows dear Hawthorne[,] had gone to Boston this morning. Poor Mrs. Hawthorne & the children. I am full of sorrow of course, but my heart literally aches for them.”

The letter, written on May 19th, 1864, is four pages in length and shows the love that Pierce had for Hawthorne and the loss that he would face over it.

Tapping to Weight Loss

weight lossCertainly, there are oodles of fad diets on the market today, and it’s up to readers to decide if this is yet another one. The Tapping for Weight Loss book by author Jessica Ortner says that your diet success starts with your fingertips.

The key here is to tap acupressure points on the face and body to make your cravings disappear. This is also called the Emotional Freedom Technique and is a scientifically backed method that was developed in the Seventies by psychologists who found that it can reduce stress and anxiety.

Medical Research

According to a Harvard Medical School study, when you stimulate these points it decreases the activity in the amygdala which is the area of the brain that controls production of the stress hormone cortisol. This is linked to increased appetite, sugar cravings and levels of abdominal fat.

A recent clinical study with 89 women actually showed that the women who tapped for 15 minutes a day lost approximately 16 pounds in eight weeks without even following a strict diet plan or exercise regime. And they had still kept the weight off six months later.

Get Tapping

So how should you tap? First, you need to identify what is bothering you. Are you upset that you looked fat in a recent picture? Are you frustrated with something at work? Then, you should give a score to the thing that is bothering you from 0 to 10. The ten would mean you are incredibly distressed and the 0 would mean you feel nothing. Tap with two fingers on the “karate chop point” which is the soft part of the hand under the little finger and say a positive statement to yourself three times.

The idea with the tapping is to run through the eight points of the tapping sequence while repeating a phrase to yourself that reminds you about your anger and how to overcome it. The eight points are: the eyebrow, the side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, the chin, the collarbone, under the arm and the crown of the head. Here is a video that can help you to see the tapping process more. Tap each seven times and spend enough time at each point so that the reminder phrase has time to sink in. Try to tap for at least 15 minutes a day in a quiet location.

When you finish tapping, you should ask yourself if your issues have shifted, if certain thoughts came up while tapping and how you feel now on the scale of 0 to 10.