The Naked Cowboy Sports New Undies Today

naked cowboyCertainly, there isn’t much bigger news than this to report at the moment. The Naked Cowboy, one of Time Squares most well known figures, will soon have a new uniform. But don’t worry – it won’t involve putting on extra clothes.

Keeping on his cowboy hat and boots, he’ll now be wearing Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs with a tapered leg when he strums and amuses around Times Square. The Fruit of the Loom’s marketing team explains that Robert Burck (aka The Naked Cowboy) was simply the obvious choice to sport their new line.

As Melissa Burgess-Taylor, vice-president of marketing , told the AP, “His primary wardrobe is so important to his daily job, we thought why not showcase him in our new boxer briefs.”

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While the Naked Cowboy performs in his new briefs today, Fruit of the Looms will be on hand to hand out free samples. He’ll also appear high above Times Square in a marketing campaign with the slogan “Even the Naked Cowboy has changed his underwear.”

While you might not look as good in yours as the Naked Cowboy will, you can buy these briefs at Wal-Mart, Kmart and Target for $13.99 for a five pack soon.


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