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A Cure in Sight for Your Snoring?

guy-32820_960_720If your snoring drives your partner crazy (or theirs drives you crazy) there might be a solution on the horizon. There is a new treatment option for snoring that includes exercising the tongue. Early research with this tongue-muscle retraining has shown that it reduces sleeping problems by about 50% after only seven days.

A new trial is now being conducted in Taiwan with 120 patients who experience sleep apnea. The patients at the National Cheng Kung University Hospital in Taiwan will use the tongue training for 60 minutes, three to five times a week. Or CPAP every night of three months.

They will be followed in a sleep lab to check how their sleep quality is and how their breathing is. As Jaydip Ray, a consultant ear, nose and throat surgeon at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said, “This is a simple, innovative concept with encouraging initial results. Larger trials are awaited to confirm the long-term benefits.”

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Father’s Day Rap

Don’t forget about Father’s Day this Sunday! Here is a great rap for your enjoyment.

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A Graduation Speech Like No Other

If you have not yet heard the spoken word poetry of Ed.M. candidate Donovan Livingston, get ready for an incredible experience. As our graduates get ready for their futures, it’s important to think about where they are going and what their futures will look like Watch, listen and enjoy.

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Disney Honors Entry Ticket from 1994

walt-disney-world-1247595_960_720Talk about customer service. Recently, Chelsea Herline, 27, discovered an unclaimed entry pass to Disney World that she never redeemed. She was sick on the last day of the family trip in 1994, and had to stay back. Her dad recently found the ticket in the family’s basement and gave it to his daughter. Skeptical, of course, about her ability to use the ticket, she decided it would be fun to give it a try.

As Herline said, “I was totally not expecting to go to Disney World that day. I didn’t bring anything with me, so it was really surprising.”

The ticket didn’t have an expiration date and the park was incredibly nice about letting her in to enjoy.

Now that’s customer service the way we like it.

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Memorial Day Ideas

It’s almost Memorial Day and that means that it’s time to honor our military personnel and to enjoy time with family and friends. There are so many ways to decorate the home and to cook food for the Memorial Day Weekend. Of course, we should also remember our service people who have served us so faithfully by giving money to a military organization, visiting a cemetery, speaking to a veteran, etc.

Here are some great recipes and party ideas to get in the spirit of the day.

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3 Tips for Summertime Fun

With the summer approaching, it’s time to start thinking about some entertainment for the kids. There are so many ways to keep them entertained and having fun. Of course, it’s also very important to keep your eye on them – more accidents are prone to occur in the summer since kids are home and often unsupervised. Here are three ideas for summer fun.

  • Pool membership: If there is a pool in your area, you might find that it’s not so expensive to join it. Yes, it will cost some money, but if you think of being there for two or three hours a day, three to five days a week, this might actually be the best bargain you find this summer.pool-690034_960_720
  • Movies: When the days are long and hot, there is nothing as refreshing as a good movie. One interesting approach to summer movie fun is to check out some documentaries. One that is in post-production now called “Unchained” is about the birth and boom of Freestyle Motorcross. With executive producers Susan Cooper, Brian O’Shea, Jeff Bowler and Nat McCormick and sports fanatics like Carey Hart, Tony Hawk and Travis Pastrana, this is just the boy’s movie you might need. Directed and written by Paul Taublieb, one of the creators of the X Games, this is a movie you’ll love this summer.
  • The Olympics: The Summer Olympics is coming this summer and this can offer all sorts of entertainment. While we don’t always want the kids sitting in front of the television for hours, the Olympics only appear every four years and can really engage the kids. Your kids just might decide they want to take up gymnastics, swimming or basketball as a result of watching the exciting events take place.

The summer is a time for extra relaxation and a pool membership, a movie like one produced by Jeff Bowler, and a night of watching the Olympics might be just perfect for your needs.

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Are Dieting Drinks Making You Fat?

vending-machines-276171_960_720In a fascinating new study researches have actually found that drinking low calorie drinks during pregnancy results in…overweight babies. Motherw who drank artificially sweetened drinks every day during their pregnancy were twice as likely to have a baby who was overweight when they were 12 months old.

Conducted at the University of Manitoba in Canada, the research seems to indicate that babies introduced to such drinks in the womb develop a sweet tooth. Of course, they are looking at trends and can’t prove the link between sweet drinks and the sweet tooth – but looking back at previous research they did on rats they found similar findings. In the study with rats, those babies who were given artificial sweeteners demonstrated a preference for sweeter foods and put on weight.

As the scientists explained in the JAMA Paediatrics journal, “To our knowledge, our results provide the first human evidence to support these findings, suggesting that prenatal nonnutritive sweeteners exposure may contribute to infant weight gain and early childhood obesity.”

For the 5% of women who drank these drinks every day, their children were twice as likely to be overweight by 12 months, compare to those moms who didn’t drink diet drinks at all.
Interestingly, these trends are only seen for women who drank artificially sweetened drinks and not those who drank regular fizzy drinks or hot drinks with sugar.

Some have criticized the study, however, finding the women who are more likely to drink diet drinks are typically overweight and struggle with their weight. As Professor Kevin McConway, an expert in applied statistics at The Open University, said: “But they can’t know for sure they accounted for all these things completely, and there may be other aspects of these women’s unusualness that could not be taken into account at all because they weren’t recorded.”

Certainly, while more research is necessary, it’s an interesting finding and one worth watching.

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NFL Charity Party with Derek Wolfe

The NFL is constantly doing charity work and many of their players take it upon themselves to do their own charity events as well. Certainly, these are great opportunities for the NFL PR team, including recent hire Natalie Ravitz, to report on the good that the NFL does in various communities throughout America.

Recently, Bronco defensive end Derek Wolfe hosted an NFL draft party at Celebrity Lanes in Centennial, Colorado to benefit the Wolfe Pack Foundation. This Foundation helps underprivileged youth in Colorado and Ohio. The event also benefited the Active Force Foundation, a nonprofit that helps disabled people to participate in sports.

Called the Denver Draft Party, the event included many other Broncos teammates and was an opportunity for people to enjoy photos with the players and to be part of a silent auction for signed Broncos memorabilia.

This is just one of the many examples of the type of charity work that the NFL participates in, and that new hire Natalie Ravitz will be reporting on as the senior VP of communications. Ravitz has her work cut out for her, coming from Rupert Murdoch’s office as his Chief of Staff at New Corp. for three years.

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