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A Colorblind Island

Total colorblindness only occurs in about 1 in 30,000 people around the world. Why then, does the small population of Pingelap in the Pacific Ocean, appear to have between four and ten percent of their villagers totally colorblind?

Sanne De Wilde set out to Pingelap to photograph what she assumes the tropical location looks like to its colorblind population, and her pictures are certainly fascinating.

This island has actually been dubbed the “Island of the Colorblind” from the time of a former king who survived a tsunami in the late 18th century in the area. Only 20 islanders were said to have survived, and he helped to repopulate Pingelap by having many children. He had the rare gene acrhomatopsia and passed it down to his descendants.

Now, De Wilde’s new book “The Island of the Colorblind” shows what the photographer thinks the world must look like to these colorblind inhabitants. Islanders describe colors of red the most.
After talking about other photographs she had taken with a radio show, De Wilde was contacted by a listener who told her about Pingelap. She made her way there in 2015, interestingly one week after the passing of Oliver Sacks, who had written a book about the people in Pingelap previously.

She mentioned that island life must be very difficult for those with achromatopsia. As she explained, “(People with) achromatopsia are extremely light-sensitive, which is a burden on a super sunny, tropical island. In the daylight, the world looks like a burned-out image. They can hardly keep their eyes open when outside.”

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The Color Yellow: Do We Love It?

Most of us enjoy the color yellow. We see it as a happy color. It’s the color of the sun, the color of sunflowers and the color of joy. But does everyone see it this way? This fascinating article sheds light on the history of the use of the color yellow and how people have used it over the years.

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Which Lottery Number Is The Best?

We’d all love to win the lottery. But of course the chances of having that happen are very small. Now, however, researchers may have just increased your chances of winning the big bucks. How? Well, they’ve figured out that some numbers are actually luckier than others.

The online betting platform Jackpot has looked at winning lottery numbers from all over the world in the last 12 months. They looked at the US Powerball, the Irish Lotto, EuroMillions, the UK Lotto and more.

So, what number is the luckiest? The best number was…number 16! It was drawn over 191 times over the last year. The second best number was 22 and the worst number was 18.

Of course, keep in mind that your chances to winning the lottery are not very high. But you just might have better luck with these numbers!

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Campbell Courts Camilleri: The Supermodel Turns to Tobacco Tycoon

British supermodel and actress Naomi Campbell has a new boyfriend.  The super successful British-born model recently started dating Louis C. Camilleri, Chairman of Philip Morris International, when they bonded over their love of Formula One.

With a net worth of over £150 million (around $200 million), flying Campbell off on his private jet probably hasn’t made much of a dent on Camilleri’s finances.  Having said that, Campbell is quite well-to-do herself with an estimated net worth of $60 million.  But she’s earned it.  At 47 years old, the model-actress has been working for the last four decades, with her first job in 1978, featuring in Bob Marley’s Is This Love music video.

Since then, Campbell has established herself as one of the “big six” – the first ever models to be recognized “supermodels” by the fashion industry alongside: Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington Burns, Kate Moss and Linda Evangelista.

Her new boyfriend, Camilleri, has also been in the limelight, in his industry.  He was recognized by Forbes, for at one point being the best-rewarded executive in his sector, receiving a salary and package of $25 million in one single year.


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Is Ice Cream on the Decline?

It may be shocking to hear this but…global ice cream sales have actually seen a dramatic drop lately. Last year, ice cream sales across the world totaled 13 billion liters while in 2015 they totaled 15.6 billion litres.

Why the difference? Market experts are hypothesizing that it’s because of the growing health concern that people have around the world. As Alex Beckett, the global food and drink analyst at Mintel, said “More people are aware of the sugar content of food they are eating now. They are going into the ice cream chiller with their diet in mind. While the industry is very competitive, prices have also had to go up due to cost hikes. People are eating less ice cream but when they do buy it, they want the good stuff – for example gelatos or Magnums.”

Interestingly, China is the largest ice cream consumer with sales at 4.3 billion litres in 2016. The per capita consumption, however, is larger is Norway where they ate 9.8 litres per person last year.

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Fourth of July Hints for a Great Day

It’s the country’s birthday, and that means that you want to make things special for yourself and those around you. Check out these great do it yourself activities to create a fun atmosphere on this great day.

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Does Your Teenager Really Need to Sleep in so Late?

In a fascinating study of almost 54,000 people from 2003 to 2014, researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that teenagers aren’t just making you crazy about their sleep patterns in order to make you crazy. They actually have a different need for sleep than do adults. Their body clock makes them ready to go to sleep at about 12:30am and ready to then wake up at about 8:30am. For 60 year olds, in contrast, it’s 11pm to sleep and 7am to rise.

It is currently unknown why teenagers are better off with these sleep patterns; the patterns are seen to change at about 19.

The research has been published in the journal PLOS One. As the researchers explained, ‘The timing for optimal sleep can be as different as 10 hours among individuals, meaning that opposite chronotypes could share a bed without knowing that they do. What chronotype you are, is influenced by age and gender – on average, older people are earlier chronotypes than younger people and women are earlier chronotypes than men during the first half of their lives.’

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Get Away From It All At These Key Hotels

If you’re thinking of taking a vacation, you may want to plan early with these spots. This is a list of the most-booked hotels in places around the world. Now, the fact that they are the most-booked probably means that they are quite nice and conveniently located, but it also certainly means that it’s hard to come by a reservation.

The Most Booked Hotels in the World:

  1. Best Western Premier Grand Canyon Squire Inn, Tusayan, US
  2. Park Lane Hotel, New York City, US
  3. Yavapai Lodge, Grand Canyon National Park, US

The Most Booked Hotels in Europe

  1. The Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland
  2. The Montague on the Gardens, London, UK
  3. Absalon Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark
  4. Hotel Europa, Madrid, Spain
  5. I31 Hotel, Berlin, Germany
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