Watch Those Calories When You Pop Into Starbucks

caloiresAs the holidays approach and the weather cools, many people are drawn to those delicious drinks that they have at Starbucks and other locations. But you should be aware of just how many calories, and how much sugar, one such drink has.

The World Health Organization has offered guidelines for sugar consumption that indicate that women should have no more than 25g a day and men no more than 35g. When examining the sugar content in 20 different drinks, the Daily Mail found that the worst offender was the Starbucks skimmed Honey and Almond Hot Chocolate with whip. This drink came to a whopping 61g of sugar (or 15 teaspoons!).

Now, a grande Honey and Almond Hot Chocloate from Starbucks that is made with full fat milk and has whipped cream contains 524 calories.
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Many people who pop into a café on the way to or from work may not realize just how many calories they are consuming. Be forewarned and plan accordingly!


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