Want Perky Breasts? Here is an Idea…

 Jenene Chesbrough
Photo by Jenene Chesbrough

For those who don’t want to go under the knife for a breast enhancement, there is now the chance to enjoy “The Botox Boob Job.” That’s right. These injectables will apparently plump up your breasts.

As Dr. Nirdosh said, “The Breastox- Botox is fast becoming the must have pre-red carpet procedure for my celebrity clients.” He explains that it works best for “those who are between a cup size A and C and is safer and quicker than regular surgery.”

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The treatment costs £1,000 or approximately $1500 or $1600 US dollars. The process means that you inject Botox into the pectoral muscles which relaxes them and has the shoulders and chest muscles take up the slack. The breasts are lifted as a result and look more firm and higher. It lasts for as long as six months.

Dr. Nirdosh explains that it actually takes less than 30 minutes to do the treatment and there are no known side effects and no scars.


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