Wacky Honda Cars

Honda is working towards the cars it will be presenting at the Tokyo Auto Salon.  In this vein, the company is developing its wacky small cars including the FreeD Spike Transporter Version, FreeD Wa and FLASH BOX.

None of the cars presented at the show are currently for sale in America.  The FLASH BOX, however, is not exactly new since it is a spin-off of Honda’s N Box microcar but has matte gunmetal paint and purple LED lighting.  The inside is pretty cool too with purple lights and black vinyl-looking seats that have purple piping.

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Some of the old Honda cars will also be receiving facelifts.  These two will be modeled at the show.  For example, the Honda Beat sports car – that just met the two decade mark a year ago – is going to be getting special Honda accessories: front and rear lips and spoilers.

So for car lovers who like something different and new, check out the Tokyo Auto Salon.


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