Vibrations Just Might Boost Your Workout

This might be fascinating – and productive. Adding a 30 Hertz vibration to an exercise session might actually boost the impact by as much as 100%. This is according to research from the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Researchers Massimo Mischi and Lin Xu tested the effectiveness of vibrations on exercise. They found that people who used 30 Hertz vibration had a 25% more effective workout than did those without. The muscles were found to work harder with the vibration in place and to become exhausted more quickly.

They suspect that using vibrations can help subjects who have become weakened due to illness or accident to rehab more quickly. As Mr Mischi said, “The well-known fitness slogan “no pain, no gain” is thereby somewhat diluted by this.”
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With this research in hand, the researchers decided to develop a device that will allow people to become stronger, faster. Called the MaxDFM, it operates through a smartphone or tablet app and has individualized programs.


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