Vegan Restaurant Wins Michelin Star

Most people in the world would probably assume they would starve if told they had to start eating on vegan food. Claire Vallee and the Michelin Guide beg to differ. For the first time ever, the Michelin Guide has awarded a star to a French vegan restaurant.

The restaurant is called ONA (Origine Non Animale) and is situated in the small village of Arès, near Bordeaux. It is one of the 54 restaurants to earn its first star in the coveted Michelin Guide, and the only vegan restaurant to ever receive such an honor since the guide started in 1900.

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Even more unusual, perhaps, is that the restaurant was started by a completely self-taught chef and former archaeologist, Claire Vallee. The sit down dinner includes a seven-course menu for $72.

As Vallee said,

“Cooking with my team is like performing in a theater. You never really know how it’s being received until the very end.” She continued, “This is a good thing for the vegan community as this star is evidence that French gastronomy is becoming more inclusive. That plant based dishes belong there too.”


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