Fitness Resorts Booming

It’s no secret that many of us have gained weight during COVID-19. We’ve been home much more than usual, we’ve been stressed, and we’ve had access to the kitchen far too often. So it should come as no surprise that fitness resorts are now booming.

And this is true in many locations. One weight loss, detox and fitness location in the UK, Slimmeria, has been sold out since May. Hilton Head Health in South Carolina has had a 30% increase in inquiries since February and has a 6-8 week waiting list.

There are many other locations that are considering opening extra branches and that have waiting lists as long as the weight people have gained.

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People are also seeking out these experiences for other reasons. They are starved for companionship and want to be somewhere that is serene, inviting, and populated by other people. Many people also want to unwind and get outdoors after over a year cooped up either by themselves, or with those they see every day.

Of course, these experiences come with a hefty price tag – but for those who have been confined to their homes, the price tag appears to be worth it.

Learn more about these various retreat locations to see if they are right for you!

3 Staycation Ideas for the Whole Family

We can’t all get away this summer, either because prices are high or we still have concerns about COVID-19, but we can definitely try to improve our living space and to make it that much more fun to use. Many people are selecting to have staycations this year instead of risking exposure by going anywhere (and some people are locked down again and can’t go anywhere). So what is one to do? Here are a few great suggestions.

  1. Invest in games: There are so many fun games out there today and you can certainly buy a few (or a dozen) and get the family playing together. Yes, you can always download games on an iPad or computer, but it’s certainly more fun to sit around the table and to play a game together. Check out Perpetual Commotion, Rummy Cube, Rack-O, and GoSports Slammo for some fun game ideas.
  2. Cooking: If you haven’t already started focusing on cooking for yourself or teaching the kids to do more, now is a great time. If you look at a place like MasterClass, you’ll find chefs like Gordon Ramsey teaching cooking classes. You can learn some simple techniques, or really blossom into a master chef by the end of the summer.
  3. Hot tubs: So we can’t all get away to an expensive hotel this summer, but many people could probably afford to buy an inflatable hot tub. Yes, this is actually a thing, and CNN has recently done a story about the best inflatable hot tubs to buy! They aren’t that expensive, considering that you can use it in the comfort of your own home every single day. It might just be worth the splurge.
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Director Peter Farrelly: Upcoming Projects

A new project in the works by the Russos’ company AGBO Films is worth noting, and the press has definitely been noting it in the last few days. AGBO Films will be producing the untitled Cambridge Analytica movie. They are in talks with Director Peter Farrelly to direct the film and have Eddie Redmayne planning to star in it.

The script was written by Christopher Markus and Stephen Mcfeely and the project is already financed and ready to start production. While the project was initially supposed to be directed by David Gordon Green, the ongoing talks with Director Peter Farrelly are an exciting twist.

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The plan as we know it so far is that Eddie Redmayne will play the part of Christopher Wylie, the distinctly pink haired data consultant who came up with the idea for Cambridge Analytica. Feeling guilty, Wylie then became a whistleblower, and the movie is about his story.

Certainly, with Director Peter Farrelly onboard, the project should finally take off and be an intrigue to watch at some point. Stay tuned.

You, Too, Can Be Darth Vader

Well, maybe you can’t be him, but you can certainly live in his house. It will take a bit of money to do it, but what’s money when you’re a Darth Vader fan? There actually is a Darth Vader house on the market right now in Houston, Texas. The 7000 square foot house is going for $4,300,000 and the house is shaped to look like the helmet worn in the Star Wars movies by Darth Vader. The home was built in 1992 and has four bedrooms, five bathrooms and an asking price far above others in the neighborhood. Even more pictures of the house and details are revealed here.

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But the dark side might just be alluring enough to want in on this one – large price tag and all!

Google Stores Coming Soon

In case Google doesn’t yet have enough of the market – they are taking a foray into the retail space. The company has recently announced that they are opening their first retail store called, aptly enough, Google Store. It will be in New York City in the Chelsea neighborhood.

What will be sold at the Google Store? They are reporting they will have Pixel phones, Nest items, Fitbits and Pixelbooks, among other items. They plan to mimic the Apple Store experience by having experts on hand to help customers with troubleshooting and more.

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Up until now, Google has sold its products through Best Buy and Amazon, but they are convinced that people like to touch and see products before they buy them. Microsoft might tell you otherwise, as they are currently closing all of their 83 Microsoft Store locations.

Time will tell if this was a good idea for Google!

Fashion Forward Thinking: Tom Florio & BoF

Today, as the world changes so many more people are working from home and keeping their travel plans to a minimum. But that doesn’t mean that fashion isn’t still center stage. BoF (Business of Fashion) understands the desire to continually try to improve yourself, to want to look your best and to put your best foot forward. And even in these days where we are more home-focused, we can still be fashion-focused. With BoF Board of Directors like Tom Florio, the organization serves members in more than 125 countries and works to create positive change in the fashion world.

They have many tools at their disposal for that change including a vast array of online educational courses. One section of the online course directory offers video programs that are actually only from 2-7 minutes in length, and there is a BoF Certificate that you can obtain when you make your way through the course offerings. They have courses entitled “Fashion History for Today” with Colin McDowell, “Fashion Styling and Image Making with Lucinda Chambers”, “The Art and Science of Buying and Merchandising with Susanne Tide-Frater and more.

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In addition, as Tom Florio and other Board of Directors can explain, they have case studies that allow users to understand exactly how a company has achieved the success they have. They have a case study entitled, “How Lululemon Built Athleisure’s Leading Brand” and another one entitled “How Levi’s Is Navigating the Purpose and Profit Trade-Off.”

There are also programs about fashion legends throughout history, about college courses that focus on fashion and even about how to sew and create your own fashion. The BoF is the go-to location for fashion content and the online learning platform is just one of the many aspects of their offerings. The Business of Fashion, and influential people involved in it such as CEO and Editor-in-Chief Imran Amed; Vikram Alexei Kansara, Editorial Director; Tom Florio, Board of Directors member; and Olivia Howland, the Head of Studio is all worth watching as they set the stage for our fashion future.