Adaptive Intimates…It’s About Time

While there is certainly room to applaud Victoria’s Secret with this news, we can also say it’s about time. Victoria’s Secret is collaborating with Runway of Dreams for an adaptive intimates collection. This initiative, highlighted in the “2024 State of Accessible Marketing” (SOAM) Report by dozanü innovations, represents a pioneering move in making fashion more inclusive.

The launch of the adaptive fashion line in collaboration with Runway of Dreams underscores a transformative period in the fashion world, emphasizing the importance of accessibility and inclusivity. Rachel Burton, Director of Operations and Strategy at dozanü innovations, praised the initiative for its innovative approach and the positive impact it has on redefining industry norms. The campaign is celebrated for its inclusivity, featuring models with disabilities and employing clear, accessible communication, which promotes fashion as a form of self-expression for everyone.

Victoria’s Secret’s venture into adaptive fashion, as documented in the 2024 SOAM Report, marks the beginning of what will, hopefully, be far more recognition of the many ways that women (and men) can be sexy. For decades Victoria’s Secret has only shown one type of women on the runway, and it is exciting to watch and to see if this new initiative opens up the runway for many more expressions of beauty.


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