Tools and Tips for the Aspiring Cook

Tools and Tips for the Aspiring Cook

Are you looking to up your cooking game in 2024? According to the New York Times, some kitchen essentials are an important first step. Simply purchasing a larger cutting board will streamline your cooking prep, help you organize your ingredients, and minimize cleanup. A sharp knife pairs nicely with your larger cutting board, and there is no need lay out a sizeable sum for professional knives. Find an affordable options with a sharpener and start slicing and dicing!

If you are to invest in anything, a heavy skillet will guarantee you an impeccable sear and will cook your food evenly. Look for a skillet made from cast iron, stainless steel, or enameled cast iron to ensure incredible high-temperature cooking. Another welcome addition is a versatile sheet tray, preferably one with rolled edges that prevents warping over time. Sheet trays are perfect for everything from baking and roasting to dry-brining proteins.

The cooking process begins with carefully reviewing the recipe. As you work through the recipe, focus on visual, auditory and olfactory cues rather than timing. While swapping ingredients can impede baking results, savory cooking can accommodate substitutions, such as switching root vegetables or hearty greens.

Finally, make sure to taste your food at each stage! This is the optimal way to make sure your food is seasoned well, and will enable you to correct mishaps and save your dish.

Best of luck with your cooking journey! Remember to be patient and kind to yourself, and to share your delectable dishes with loved ones.


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