Teaching Meditation to Four-Year Olds

It seems that meditative skills can be taught to children as young as four. And more than that, it seems that right now in the UK, one of these schools will be receiving state funding. And this is not going to be the only one either. It is one of 24 of the new schools that is being privately run but will be receiving Government support.

What else is interesting is that despite the fact that these schools are receiving state funding, they will not be forced to follow the country’s national curriculum. Indeed, one of the schools is going to be run along the teachings of Maharishi Yogi, an Indian-born guru.

The school will begin and end with sessions of transcendental meditation. Education watchdogs have rated this school as “outstanding.” Apparently these meditative sessions are relaxing the students and making it easier for them to learn.
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The only problem seems to be, is the money. The critics are claiming such schools should not be receiving state funding at this point. According to Lisa Nandy, a Labour Member of Parliament, “people will be shocked that their taxes are going on teaching transcendental meditation. The money would be better spent on improving existing schools.”


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