3 Top-Rated Streets Around the World

The website TimeOut has recently done a feature on the 30 most interesting streets around the world to visit for food, entertainment and culture. Here is a sneak peek into three of those locations; the full list can be enjoyed and, perhaps, your next trip can be planned with one of these ideas in mind! Here are ideas from Australia, Japan and Los Angeles.

High Street in Melbourne’s inner north emerges as a hot spot, boasting diverse local businesses like Casa Nata for Portuguese tarts, Northside Wines for local vino, and Francesca’s Bar for late-night fun. Its vintage stores, cool cafés, and indie cinema add to the allure, catering to all tastes. Nearby tram access and a vibrant music scene further elevate its appeal.

In Tokyo, Sangenjaya’s Chazawa-dori offers a blend of urban excitement and residential charm. Closed to traffic on Sundays, it invites exploration of friendly restaurants, cozy cafés, and charming bakeries. Sancha Monica serves sushi with wine, Guuutara Coffee offers extravagant cream soda floats, and Carrot Tower provides a free aerial view of Tokyo.

LA’s Arts District on 3rd Street transforms industrial spaces into a walkable haven, featuring Michelin-starred sushi at 715 and pinball stardom at EightyTwo. Camphor draws people in with French bistro dishes, Death & Co crafts top-notch cocktails, and Hauser & Wirth’s former flour mill complex offers a unique gallery experience.

These are just three of the many unique offerings around the world. Happy traveling!

Soy Sauce Ice Cream Supports Tsunami-Damaged City

A collaboration of professionals has recently developed a new ice cream flavor in support of Rikuzentakata- a Japanese city that was destroyed by the 2011 tsunami.

Kunihiko Shirokawa of Hirota, a confectioner involved in the project, explained:

“It’s a mixture of soy sauce and ice cream, producing a well-balanced salty, yet sweet, ice cream which is perfect for the summer.

“We’re planning another product for autumn.”

Hirota, based in Tokyo, joined forces with Takata’s Yamani Soy Sauce to create the ice cream, which looks like your typical vanilla but tastes salty and vaguely nutty, according to Reuters.
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Seki Kinya, the leader of a Tokyo entrepreneurial consulting company, initiated the plan.

“I was in Takata during the clean-up efforts, and happened to meet an associate of Yamani,” Kinya explained. “Afterwards, the mayor talked about his hopes of revitalizing local businesses and creating job opportunities. It was all a coincidence, really.”

The new ice cream has been added to trademark cream puffs to create a populsr summertime treat. These morsels are now going for $1.92 each, and a percentage of the proceeds are donated to several organizations involved in revitalizing the city.