Campbell Courts Camilleri: The Supermodel Turns to Tobacco Tycoon

British supermodel and actress Naomi Campbell has a new boyfriend.  The super successful British-born model recently started dating Louis C. Camilleri, Chairman of Philip Morris International, when they bonded over their love of Formula One.

With a net worth of over £150 million (around $200 million), flying Campbell off on his private jet probably hasn’t made much of a dent on Camilleri’s finances.  Having said that, Campbell is quite well-to-do herself with an estimated net worth of $60 million.  But she’s earned it.  At 47 years old, the model-actress has been working for the last four decades, with her first job in 1978, featuring in Bob Marley’s Is This Love music video.

Since then, Campbell has established herself as one of the “big six” – the first ever models to be recognized “supermodels” by the fashion industry alongside: Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington Burns, Kate Moss and Linda Evangelista.

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Her new boyfriend, Camilleri, has also been in the limelight, in his industry.  He was recognized by Forbes, for at one point being the best-rewarded executive in his sector, receiving a salary and package of $25 million in one single year.