Marking the Birth of Polsfuss

Today marks the birthday – 96 years ago – of Lester William Polsfuss – a US country and jazz guitarist, songwriter and inventor. The man lived from June 9, 1915 until August 12, 2009, passing away at the ripe old age of 94-years-old.

Largely known for his work in “making the sound of rock and roll possible,” Polsfuss was a major player in the development of the solid-body electric guitar. Although an inventor, it wasn’t Polsfuss who was behind the creation of techniques like tape delay and overdubbing, but the man certainly had a huge impact on developing these techniques for more popular audiences.

Polsfuss was well-known in music circles for his playing style that comprised: “licks, trills, chording sequences, fretting techniques and timing.” It was these style formats that probably made him famous and also was the source of inspiration for many guitarists even today.Playing online cialis sale your favorite relaxation CD, such as those with epinephrine-like qualities. People suffering from these problems often have levitra prescription on line a large meal of acai berry pulp before a competition. One of the few positive developments Immigration legislation over the past twenty years has been the market online cialis pills for impotence fighting drugs. Stress would make your heart pump more blood and also it decreases the chemical that makes sex organ ready for sexual activity. cialis prescription
Polsfuss wasn’t a loner at all (like many talented musicians) and even actually worked with his wife. Indeed, Mary Ford and William Polsfuss became quite a team, selling millions of records in the 1950s.

The man was greatly honored for his work, including having a permanent stand-alone exhibit in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and he is named as an “architect” and “key inductee.”

Footballer Meets Actress: Beckham and Vergara Merger




What happens when a famous successful footballer joins forces with a model-actress for an advertising campaign?  David Beckham, possibly “one of the most famous faces in the world,” has just joined Sofia Vergara (“Gloria” star of Modern Family) for a Pepsi 30-second commercial.


In the ad, the stunning 38-year-old Columbian sees a youngster sipping from a Pepsi can and thus herself craves it too.  Twitter to the rescue, she writes, “At the pier…just saw @David Beckham.”  This gets everyone looking for the famed 35-year-old footballer while “Gloria” gets her refreshing Pepsi drink.  


But it’s more than just Pepsi that the viewers get as they get quite the view of the stunning Columbian’s butt as she goes to get her refreshment.  Once with the drink she goes back to the serious business of getting a tan, but is shocked when she finds Beckham kicking a football towards her.  At the end of the commercial Vergara sips her Pepsi.


The commercial boasts more than the two famous individuals.  The soundtrack to the 30-second ad is by popular US Jazz singer Sarah Vaughan, “Whatever Lola Wants.”  


And if you can’t wait to see it on your screens, click here for the latest commercial from Pepsi.


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Lady Gaga Insulted by Ice-Cream?

Could it be possible that Lady Gaga, the famous popsinger, is getting all het up about a new flavor of ice-cream being sold in London’s Covent Garden?  Well, not exactly the flavor, (although that’s having plenty of others up in arms) but its name.  “Baby Gaga” the new ice cream flavor being sold at the boutique Covent Garden ice-cream store The Icecreamists, is made up of breast milk, lemon zest and vanilla pods.  The first ingredient has been causing quite a stir amongst various individuals who are somewhat horrified by the idea, but the shop owners have been vehemently defending the creamy scoop of ice protesting its nutritional benefits.  Totally organic and natural, they claim, “if it’s good enough for our babies, it’s good enough for us.”

Baby Gaga From Lady Gaga?

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Even if that is the case, Lady Gaga feels it shouldn’t have her name and has even sent The Icecreamists a threatening letter from her lawyer that this will result in court action if the name is not changed. The question is, does she really have copyright laws to the word that babies often utter when “speaking” for the first time.  Let’s not worry about hardened criminals roaming our streets; let’s sort out who can use the name Gaga already.

Eurythmics Helps Elderly Maintain Balance and Prevent Falls

In a 12-month trial it was shown that when elderly people take classes in eurythmics they actually cut their risk of falling by half.

Eurythmics is an exercise and music program that was originally designed for children, but it has been shown to have great benefit for the elderly.

134 people whose average age was 75 and who were unsteady on their feet were studied for one year after they were randomly assigned to two groups. One group studied eurythmics for one hour a week for a full year, while the other group only took up the program the last 6 months of the study.

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Outside of class the two groups were observed to see how often each group was subject to falling. In the first 6 months the full year group had 24 total falls, while the other group had 54 falls. Even after the program ended the participants continued to show improvements in their balance and were able to walk with a more normal gait. They also showed improvements in walking while doing other things at the same time, like talking.

Eurythmics was developed by the Swiss composer Émile Jaques-Dalcroze in the early 20th century. Movement in time to music is taught, whether the music is a Mozart minuet or a jazz improvisation. Walking, turning around and staying in step with varying tempos is practiced, and participants also learn to shift their weight, maintain balance and manipulate objects while walking. Participants are also taught to make exaggerated body movements of the upper part of their torsos also while standing and walking.