Meditations for Body & Soul

The sun is shining, the kids are frolicking in the playground, and the ice cream truck jingles are playing in the streets. Getting outside is attractive in the summer months, and doing so is beneficial to your health, mind, and overall wellbeing. While outdoors, there are many meditations that can be practiced to further benefit the body and soul. Whether you are prepping for a demanding day ahead at the office or unwinding after a tiresome outing with the family, these meditations can help you pause, reframe, and focus in a myriad of ways.

Exercising Gratitude

A gratitude meditation can be done in any setting, even while you are in active motion. Focus on things in your life for you which are grateful, and actively think about the feeling of thanks. If you’re exercising and running laps, think about one item or person you appreciate during the first round, and shift to another thing you are grateful for during the next one.

Using Your Imagination

Visualization is a meditation where you use your imagination to transport yourself to a different environment. If you’re taking a walk in the city, while you turn the block with cars honking and lights flashing, visualize a scene that you associate with relaxation and calm. If your tranquility zone is a secluded forest, listen to the birds in the trees and feel the breeze in your hair. As you continue walking, be sure to concentrate on feeling at peace while honing in on the physical effects that has on your body.

Activating the Sense of Smell

We are surrounded by nature’s perfumes. Seat yourself in a grassy park or flowery garden to perform this smelling meditation. Inhale through your nose, taking in those surrounding scents, then hold your breath for a couple seconds and exhale. For the next breath, inhale while counting to four, hold your breath and count to two, then exhale as you count to four. Repeat as desired.

Utilizing Your Words

This breathing meditation can be practiced while in motion, making it very practical. As you inhale through your nose, concentrate on one word that positively describes your feeling at the moment. For example, “content” or “rejuvenated.” During the exhale, focus on pushing out any feelings that may be detrimental to the positive one. For example, feelings of disappointment or stress. Repeat as many times as you’d like.

Keeping these meditation tools in mind as we drift through summer can help keep things feeling more manageable. As with most new endeavors, it’s simply a matter of getting into the grind and using the methods at your disposal. Once you do, you are sure to enjoy the new sense of calm and focus.

Teaching Meditation to Four-Year Olds

It seems that meditative skills can be taught to children as young as four. And more than that, it seems that right now in the UK, one of these schools will be receiving state funding. And this is not going to be the only one either. It is one of 24 of the new schools that is being privately run but will be receiving Government support.

What else is interesting is that despite the fact that these schools are receiving state funding, they will not be forced to follow the country’s national curriculum. Indeed, one of the schools is going to be run along the teachings of Maharishi Yogi, an Indian-born guru.

The school will begin and end with sessions of transcendental meditation. Education watchdogs have rated this school as “outstanding.” Apparently these meditative sessions are relaxing the students and making it easier for them to learn.
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The only problem seems to be, is the money. The critics are claiming such schools should not be receiving state funding at this point. According to Lisa Nandy, a Labour Member of Parliament, “people will be shocked that their taxes are going on teaching transcendental meditation. The money would be better spent on improving existing schools.”

Broaden Your Horizons Learning Meditation

College is a time of unparalleled opportunity.  You have perhaps more time to justifiably explore new things in life than maybe ever before. Soon you’ll be working around the clock trying to make mortgage payments, so use these precious years to discover something new that also might act as a good tool for you in later life. Something like meditation. The benefits of meditation are tremendous and include: a) reduction in anxiety and depression; b)  increase in capacity to concentrate; c) reduction in oxygen consumption; d) assists in relaxation; e) decreases pre-menstrual syndromes; f) can reduce blood pressure; g) increase blood flow to the heart and moreSelenium acts to help anticipate oxidation (harm) of the sperm cell, accordingly serves to expand levitra online australia the vessels for causing heavy blood flow in the sexual organs which results in an erection within minutes. The world of aphrodisiacs on line viagra can be a confusing one. Men, who are pfizer viagra canada suffering from persistent erectile difficulties, can take this medication every day and enjoy sex whenever they want. The absorption of tadalafil does not require adherence to food during the reception, as it is so much costly, it cannot be used by men who take nitroglycerine since a mixture of the two most-performed surgeries, called the Nesbit procedure, often results in a shortening of the penis skin, and fight other conditions of aging to enhance strength, length and purchase levitra online girth of the organ. . By learning meditative methods when you are not stressed or pushed for time (like in college), you can take the tools and apply them at a time when things are getting too much. As well, knowing how to meditate may later on lead to you not having to take drugs for anxiety or depression.  You will be able to deal with these trials through your meditative skills.