The Royal Wedding: A Bit of a ‘Hair’ Do

There was so much discussion and hush-hush in the run up to the royal wedding on what Kate Middleton’s hair would look like. In fact, hairdresser James Pryce was said to have “lost sleep” over what he described as being the “gig of the century,” while on the actual day itself Kate was described as being “calm and collected.”

But at the end of Friday 29 April, while it’s true that Kate looked none other than the beautiful Princess she now is (or, more accurately, the new Duchess of Cambridge), it didn’t look like all that much time had gone in to doing her hair. That’s not an insult by any means since she probably looked as natural as the day she met her Prince William. But the amount of work that went into the hairstyle for the day did seem a little over the top.

So what was Mr. Pryce doing to prepare for the special day? He used a fake tiara purchased on Chelsea’s King’s Road along with the personal assistant from his salon to act as a stand-in for the Duchess-to-be.
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Although however, to the average man or woman in the street Kate’s hair looked as regular as can be, those in the know would have got that it was pinned back in a “demi chignon” for her special day. She wanted it to look a bit different from her regular every day style of having it all down, so elected a part-up part-down look so she could still feel like herself but have a bit of a regal touch at the same time.

Her hair was also styled to adequately show off her dress in full detail. Atop her head was the 1936 Cartier tiara, on loan by the Queen who sported a most pleasant yellow outfit with a matching handbag. The question on everyone’s lips however, was “what on earth was she carrying in that bag?” Well, while Kate’s hairdo and dress were revealed on Friday, we will probably have to wait a very long time to find out (if ever) what the HM The Queen deemed so important as to be carrying with her to the 2011 royal wedding.

The Sun Won’t Come Out Tomorrow?

Wain, Wain Go aWay… for William

Oh no. And the planning was going so well. The Royals can clearly have everything they want for their special day; can’t they? Apparently not. There are some things that even money can’t buy and one of these is weather control. It looks like there is going to be rain tomorrow on the day of William and Kate’s nuptials. How totally British and quite expected and boy does it make for some great commentary.
The Brits are notorious in their obsession with the weather. It wouldn’t be shocking to find a Brit scheduling their evening routine around watching the nightly weather report to see what it’s going to look like outside the next day. So in some ways this is quite fitting for a British royal wedding.

No Sun Shine?

A few days ago it looked like the sun would continue to shine since Britain’s weather has been unseasonably glorious. But now weather reports are indicating the opposite. It looks like there could even be “thunder storms and brisk winds” or possibly lightning!

But this shouldn’t actually spoil the royal wedding. Of course, weather pitfalls have been taken into consideration already. Indeed, if showers do descend, Kate will be covered on her entrance into the Abbey with a “retinue of lackeys.” But onlookers might not be so happy with this as it would wreck their full glimpse of the beautiful bride. There would also have to be a change of plan for how the procession will go from the Abbey to the Palace after the ceremony. They would have to use the Glass Coach used by the Prince’s parents for their wedding rather than the intended open-top 1902 State Landau carriage. And who knows if that will put a damper on the celebrations since we all know what happened after that wedding.They have been chemically and strategically online cialis pharmacy manufactured, thus your health freedom. The viagra tablets uk basic component used in the tablets is sildenafil Citrate, which is the same component used in the little blue has cured millions of men with impotence. If you suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders, you will know hoe uncomfortable life can be but a regular massage will help to relax you and ensure that tadalafil online no prescription life is more enjoyable. order generic cialis Frequently there are certain issues in the patient’s life, and they will be dealt with, also.

Still, there is of course a chance that things will go off without a hitch and even if rain does fall, some have said that it will “only add to the Britishness of the occasion.” It also remains to be seen however what impact this will have on the street fairs that have been planned around the country.

Bad Hair Day?

It’s all very well that there are plans being set for possibilities of rain on the day but what will happen to Kate’s much talked about hairdo? Indeed, there has been almost as much discussion on how her chestnut locks will fall as her dress. Speculation abounded that it would be left down, to “complement her natural look.” But now the royal-to-be is engaged in discussions with hairdresser Richard Ward on what will be if the weather in oh-so-British style refuses to cooperate. It could be that Kate’s locks will be put up, being the “safest option to combat the elements.” Even if this does happen, it will look “elegant and simple.” And if she does go with this, onlookers will get much more of a glimpse of the Queen’s Russian fringe tiara that she is allegedly going to be wearing.

Whatever happens, come rain or shine, William and Kate are bound to make a perfect picture for their wedding album. And the festivities will be enjoyed by Brits and Americans alike, and no doubt, throughout the TV-broadcasting world.

Middleton’s Middle of Road Life?


Retail Therapy for Royal-To-Be


Who’s to say that Kate Middleton has to give up her regular life?  With just over a week to her big day, the royal-to-be was trying to enjoy a regular day out shopping, spotted in London’s King’s Road engaging in a bit of retail therapy.  And good for her.  It looked like she only had a couple of protection officers with her, with one of them in very casual clothing.

Still, there was no mistaking the class of the Queen-in-waiting who was dressed in a short-sleeved black wrap dress priced at £480 from Issa, perhaps not what a regular shopper would be clad in.  As well, her feet were adorned with tan court kitten heels, but these were hardly new as she has been seen in them four years ago!  Of course, her 19-carat sapphire and diamond engagement ring might have ultimately been what stood her out from the rest as the royal-to-be that she is.

Who knows what she was buying at Whistles?  Perhaps something for her honeymoon wardrobe; but the store refrained to divulge such information.  She was also spotted in Warehouse, a mid-market chain, engaging in a spot of High Street shopping.  

So Miss Middleton may be about to be a royal, but she still likes her fun girly retail outings like the rest of us.  And why shouldn’t she?  She’s still a girl at heart, no matter what her regal status might be.


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Royal Wedding Movie?




<h3>Memorabilia Not Enough?</h3>


Okay we know it’s exciting that there’s about to be another Royal Wedding.  We’ve seen the memorabilia and even heard about the upcoming street parties.  But a movie?  Isn’t that a bit much?  Apparently not; it’s happening.  A made-for-TV movie has been produced about the romantic story of William and Kate’s courtship.  


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While that in and of itself wouldn’t be so bad, it’s the fact that critics have claimed it is so incredibly distasteful that is.  Although some have said “it’s so bad, it’s good,” and may even lead to William and Kate taking a pew.  But they will probably end up either laughing or crying as apparently precision wasn’t on director Mark Rosman’s lips when he did his research for the production.


Actor Justin Hanlon who plays Prince Harry for example, had never even heard of Prince Philip or Eton (the school his character attended) and in fact couldn’t name any other monarch throughout British history other than the Queen.  The name David Cameron was foreign to him too!


So if you want a sneak preview, click here and you might actually even have a laugh.  Either that or, if you’re a Brit proud of your heritage, you might actually end up crying. 


Keeping It In the Family

Middleton’s Moving?

It seems like everyone wants a piece of the royal pie. And it could just be that everyone is going to get it! Kate Middleton might be unusual in the sense that she could have a harder time dealing with her own parents that her somewhat troubled in-laws.

It seems that Mr. Michael and Mrs. Carole Middleton – the royal-to-be’s parents – have snuck over to take a peak at a house for sale priced at £5 million. That doesn’t really make such great headlines, but adding this to the tale might: it is reported that this particular house was where Camilla Parker Bowles resided during the peak of her affair with Prince Charles!

What’s Making the Middleton’s Move?

One might question why it is now that the Middleton’s are choosing to move. After all, they’ve seemed quite content in their red-brick 5 bedroom house, estimated at close to £1million) in a little village near Reading for the last 20 years. This was where they raised their three children and set up and ran their mail-order party planning business. But it makes sense the couple would want to move on, since their children are grown and out of the house.
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If that’s the case, then why are they not downsizing? If they are interested in Camilla’s old residence, this would be quite the opposite and they would be getting something much larger, which is currently home to the Earl and Countess Cairns, boasting a staggering 70 acres of parkland.

Well if the Middleton’s do buy the home, it sure is a good way to keep it in the family. It was said that “Camilla was rather amused to hear that the Middleton’s had been to look round her old home.” The lady-no-longer-in-waiting is probably able to chuckle about such matters now her life has turned around to being Great Britain’s next queen.

No One Spilling at the Palace



According to USA Today, it seems no one is giving out all that much information about the forthcoming nuptials of Prince William of Wales to (Catherine) Kate Middleton.  We’ve not even had a picture of the lady’s dress!  Critics have wondered if it is this lack of knowledge that is making the Brits go even more nuts to find out what’s going on, but it’s unlikely, given the major interest that took place all those moons ago when the Prince’s mother wed his father (although let’s please ask for more of a fairytale end to this marriage).  

Brand on Royal Weddings

Emily Brand probably knew that this would be the case.  She wrote a book – perfectly timed to hit stores on March 22 – entitled Royal Weddings and argued that “interest seems to be stronger, partly because this is the marriage of the future king and partly because it is [seen as] a genuine and remarkably ‘ordinary’ romance.”  This could well be what is sparking interest; all those helpless romantics who saw how Kate did it; and that they could do it too; meet a boy, fall in love and get married, but it sure could help if he’s loaded with money and all those who know him call him Prince.

Shopaholic Sophie Kinsella Comments

According to author of the Shopaholic series Sophie Kinsella (she just added another one to the series, ‘Mini Shopaholic’), it’s only a matter of time until everyone is going crazy for the wedding.  There is already talk about street parties and Kinsella’s theory is that there will probably me mass excitement but “quite last minute.”

Whether interest peaks or not, and whether we find out details of the dress before the big day or it remains a secret, let’s just make sure the energies we are putting out there are feel good ones and that our main priorities are for William and Kate – two young people in love – will live happily ever after.  Because after all, that’s all anyone really wants at the end of the day; prince or pauper.


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