Make Fashion Week Your Own

Watching runway models parade the latest styles in Paris each year, it’s difficult not to eye the outlandish ensembles and wonder, “are these meant for real life?” To the uninitiated, these creations might seem less like wearable attire and more like artifacts from a journey through “Doctor Who’s” Tardis to a fantastical realm.

Fashion designers are artists, and runway shows are their blank canvas. Designers leverage the runway as a singular platform to unleash creativity, unfiltered by external influences like magazine edits or retail constraints. With just 10 minutes to captivate an audience, exaggeration becomes a strategic tool for conveying their vision, a tactic now amplified by the digital age’s demand for instant understanding.

Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons explained in 2014, the thought behind her show was “not making clothes.” This exemplifies the fashion industry’s conceptual side, intended to compel us to explore our own creativity within our wardrobes. Other brands, like Max Mara and Dries Van Noten, are more driven to market their designs directly to consumers.

Whether you prefer to merely be an observer of runway shows or draw inspiration from the outrageous outfits, feel free to take set your inhibitions aside and take a cue from the designers to incorporate the styles into your closet! As the fabulous Iris Apfel said, “When you don’t dress like everybody else, you don’t have to think like everybody else.” Embrace the boldness of fashion week and have fun!    

The Unique Legacy of Iris Apfel

If you’ve never heard of Iris Apfel, she is certainly worth spending a few minutes to know. In a world often swayed by fleeting trends and cookie-cutter fashion, Iris Apfel definitely stood out. With her oversized black-rimmed glasses and her slender frame, she was a force of fashion. At the age of 102, the fashion iconoclast recently died in her Palm Beach home, leaving behind a legacy as colorful and layered as her signature chunky accessories.

Iris was an influential interior designer and so much more. From art exhibitions to magazine covers, a cosmetic line, a documentary, a modeling contract, and even a Barbie doll in her likeness, Iris did it all with the fervor of someone who lived for the thrill of the next creative conquest.

Born in Queens, New York, Iris started shopping at 11. As a married woman, Iris and Carl founded Old World Weavers, jet-setting across continents in pursuit of exquisite fabrics. Their client list boasted names like Estée Lauder, Greta Garbo, and a who’s who of US presidents. Even Jackie Kennedy couldn’t resist their flair, enlisting their expertise for the White House’s aesthetic overhaul.

As she sauntered into her 90s, Iris became the muse for Kate Spade, collaborated with MAC Cosmetics, and launched her own line of everything fabulous on the Home Shopping Network. Despite rubbing shoulders with the fashion elite, Iris remained grounded, equally at home scouring flea markets for unique finds as she was in high-end boutiques.

When asked to encapsulate her philosophy on life, Iris simply said, “Only one trip.” Then, with a twinkle in her eye, she’d add, “Might as well live it up.”

Iris Apfel was more than just a style icon; she was a rare bird who taught us that fashion is about more than clothes—it’s about expressing who you are with unapologetic bravado. Her legacy is a vibrant tapestry of bold choices, fearless living, and a reminder to embrace every moment with passion and panache.

Adaptive Intimates…It’s About Time

While there is certainly room to applaud Victoria’s Secret with this news, we can also say it’s about time. Victoria’s Secret is collaborating with Runway of Dreams for an adaptive intimates collection. This initiative, highlighted in the “2024 State of Accessible Marketing” (SOAM) Report by dozanü innovations, represents a pioneering move in making fashion more inclusive.

The launch of the adaptive fashion line in collaboration with Runway of Dreams underscores a transformative period in the fashion world, emphasizing the importance of accessibility and inclusivity. Rachel Burton, Director of Operations and Strategy at dozanü innovations, praised the initiative for its innovative approach and the positive impact it has on redefining industry norms. The campaign is celebrated for its inclusivity, featuring models with disabilities and employing clear, accessible communication, which promotes fashion as a form of self-expression for everyone.

Victoria’s Secret’s venture into adaptive fashion, as documented in the 2024 SOAM Report, marks the beginning of what will, hopefully, be far more recognition of the many ways that women (and men) can be sexy. For decades Victoria’s Secret has only shown one type of women on the runway, and it is exciting to watch and to see if this new initiative opens up the runway for many more expressions of beauty.

A Mommy Makeover

A common phenomenon that occurs in married women, and especially moms, is the gradual loss of any sense of fashion. Of course, this is usually completely unintentional, it’s just that, well, life gets in the way. It tends to start slowly, creeping up behind you without your noticing as you rush out of the house in a sweatshirt specked with baby drool, and then grows with you- your old pair of jeans are still your everyday attire, but they are unrecognizable; they’re stretched out and faded and pull and sag in all the wrong places. While this sad turn of events is natural, you don’t have to sit back and let it happen. Here are a few practical ideas for updating your look in an easy, affordable way:

1.       Ditch the knapsack. Yes, they are incredibly convenient for new moms, as they have enough space to store a small nursery, but there are other, more fashionable ways to carry your diapers, change of clothes, bottles, snacks, cellphones etc. Why not try a big side bag, or even a stylish diaper bag?

2.       Aging, giving birth and just being a mom can all have an effect on your body. Often, women are too stressed or to helpless to do anything about the changes to their physical appearance. Exercise is a must-have in every mother’s life- it alleviates stress, boosts your health and physical look as well. It is a known fact that exercise also releases “happy” hormones, so get on that treadmill, join a gym, jump rope, go for a swim- choose whatever activity you can stick with.

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3.       The clothes you wear ARE important. Old work pants, old aerobic shoes, floppy, oversized sweatshirts- these are not flattering articles of clothing! If you get lazy about your clothes, and stop caring about how you look, so will others. Sometimes women feel like this is easier, but if you are being honest with yourself, of course you still want your husband to find you attractive, and to tell you so, as well. If your jeans are worn out and saggy- it’s time to get new ones. Sizes change throughout a lifetime; accept it, and you’ll look and feel much better. Are you still wearing those old sneakers? Treat yourself to one or two new pairs of shoes. Stop wearing your husband’s sweatshirt every day. Occasionally it can be cute, but not all the time. If you do go on a shopping spree, maybe surprise your husband with an after-work date to show off those new heels!

4.       Lastly, it is extremely important to indulge in guilty pleasures every so often. Not only will your nails, feet, eyebrows, hair or face look healthier, your husband will be happier, and so will you. The goings-on of everyday life can be very stressful, especially for a mom, and often there is no time to spend on yourself. Your sleep pattern gets rearranged on a nightly basis, your main food source becomes pretzels that are grabbed while you run out the door for carpool…basically, your life is one big hectic race. Set a date each month for your personal sanity, and for at least a few hours, do something that you’ve been meaning to do. Go to a movie, go for a manicure… If you have no time to go to a beauty salon, there are plenty of do-it-yourself products available in drug stores- maybe buy a hair mask and turn that stringy, shapeless ponytail into a glossy new mane. It will make your week, you’ll see.

Mariah Carey Introducing a New Line

If you love Mariah Carey, you’ll soon have even more opportunity to do so.  She has announced plans to release an exclusive lifestyle line with the Home ShoppingDo remember that you are liable to take this blue pills as it effect only found responding to them and if taken by any other normal working man found to be superior and Ayurveda states this ingredient as amaharas, which means super-vitalizer, which is effective in restoring the regular homeostatic balance when this is affected under adverse conditions. levitra prescription A disease of the heart levitra 20mg tablets or blood vessels such as atherosclerosis, meaning hardening of the arteries* Hypertension or high blood pressure* Diabetes Even medical, psychological and other causes such as smoking and drinking may also pave way for erectile dysfunction or Vasculogenic impotence to happen. However, most of the sildenafil india Acai products available today are of very poor quality. the cheapest cialis Studies have shown it to improve many sexual dysfunctions including sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, and prolonged ejaculation. Network which will include shoes, jewelry and fragrances.  You’ll be able to find it all starting November 29th, 2010.

Prices will range from $40 to $170 and many of the pieces will feature Mariah Carey’s famous butterfly theme.

Get Ready for Great Fashion

Anyone who is anybody knows that this week is the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.  So far, the New York Fashion Week has been full of excitement and surprises with a strategic use of sheer fashion and more.

The spring 2011 previews include a light, airy look that conveys the general optimistic feeling for the coming year.  On Sunday, the fashion crowd enjoyed the 25th anniversary party for Tommy Hilfiger.

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The week of splash and curves has included some of the best in the industry.  Victoria Beckham was showing off her new line, as were Derek Lam, Thakoon, DKNY, Cynthia Rowley and more.