Peter Arnell: Self-Help and Branding Guru Releases New Book

In 2010, Peter Arnell wrote a book all about his interdisciplinary approach to branding. Shift: How to Reinvent Your Business, Your Career, and Your Personal Brand, is Arnell’s take on how to model big-name brands and enhance your life and everything about it. It is a first-hand account of how Arnell himself applied these mindset modifications to lose 250+ pounds and redefine himself.

Peter Arnell: Projects 1980-2020
Peter Arnell: Projects 1980-2020

Arnell has co-authored a new book, Peter Arnell: Projects 1980-2020, in which he explores, explains, and evaluates over 40 years in the branding and marketing business. In two volumes, this book sheds light on how Arnell built his unrivaled reputation and how the lifelong New Yorker carved a niche for himself in the tempestuous world of Manhattan marketing, advertising, and publishing. Scattered throughout the self-narrated content are Arnell’s own photographs. The pictures themselves are breathtaking and thought-provoking; combined with Arnell’s masterly-crafted text, the book is simultaneously bold and inspired.  

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If his first book is categorized as a self-help manuscript, Arnell’s latest publication is a historic and iconic reflection on the transformative world of branding. Arnell gives readers a lot to think about as he describes working with top-tier brands like Reebok, Home Depot, Nespresso, and Pepsi. He describes the creative processes and conceptual overhauls necessary to generate change for known entities in every industry. But he also shares his unique ideas about a life and career in an unsparing and everchanging profession.

Peter Arnell
Author Peter Arnell

Each of the 848 pages of this book is a brilliant reflection of Arnell’s genius—as an author, as a photographer, as a branding executive, and as a New Yorker. Peter Arnell: Projects 1980-2020 is not only an enjoyable read; it is also a fascinating review of how our consumer culture is transformed by the imaginative people behind the brands we love.

Enjoying the Work/Life Balance

We can all learn something from Peter Muller and the recent decisions that he’s made. As one of Wall Street’s best quant traders, Peter Muller should be working hard. After working incredibly hard for years, Muller decided in 1999 that he needed a break and he went on a sabbatical.

As he told Business Insider, “I became enormously successful, but I wasn’t as happy or fulfilled.” He travelled the world and used his incredible musical talent as a pianist.

When he returned, he managed to find that work/life balance that is elusive to so many. He told Morgan Stanley that he needed room in his life for music as well as business. As he said,

“I took a big step back. And I figured, I’m going to pursue music… I recorded a couple of albums, and I became executive chairman of the group that I built. And I realized that I needed both [music and work] – they both feed and influence the other.”
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He’s been performing with his band at least once a month for the last nine years. And while he has a “crazy, busy life” he manages to perform at least once a month and to give the money to charity.

Here is a sample of his work:

Wealthy Clients Turn to Dany Bahar for One-of-a-Kind Cars

For those people who want to express their individuality through their motor vehicles, Dany Bahar and his custom-made car company holds the key to that dream. Former head of Lotus, Bahar is the man the wealthy turn to for their bespoke autos, made to each customer’s particular specifications.

Born in Turkey and raised in Switzerland, Dany Bahar takes a Bugatti, valued at £1.5 million, and gives it a makeover so that his costumer is satisfied that there is only one car like his on the road. This satisfies, on a deep level, the need for his clients to feel unique and special through the uniqueness of their automobile.

“Individualization is becoming so big – you can do everything, shoes, shirts, watches, everything,” Bahar says. “The super-rich who can buy a Bugatti for £1.5 million, LA Ferrari for £1 million, the McLaren P1 for £850,000, they can afford this no problem,” he adds.

Bahar explains why the usual kind of choices are simply not enough for his clients. Cars delivered from the main manufacturers allow customers to:

“Chose their own color, leather, wood application from these [manufacturers] but then they realize that 399 or however many other cars are in the series, can have the same.”
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A wealthy car-owner can rise to the next level, as Bahar points out:

“If I spent £2 million on this car and I am in central London I don’t want to see two more Bugattis. I don’t want to see the same,” he says. “Having something you cannot buy anywhere else is what fascinates clients. This was the main reason we launched Ares… to take, for example, a Bugatti and give it a makeover, a real makeover.”

Rather than changing the specs that a particular car is renowned for, such as the engine, gearbox, or unmatched aerodynamics, Bahar and his company, Ares, takes the best of the car and gives it a new outer look that the client demands. As Bahar puts it: “It’s a Bugatti but covered with a different skin.”

FedEx Smiles in the Holiday Season


Everyone enjoys a bit of festivity. Even busy businessmen and those who have to work over the holiday season can’t help but adorn their faces with a smile.  This is definitely the case for FedEx which delivers tons of packages around the holiday season.  Indeed, reports show that a couple of days ago the company delivered over 17 million packages in just one day!

The people at FedEx work especially hard around the holiday season.  Sometimes employees are working more than 12 hours shifts and it doesn’t matter if it’s snowing outside – those FedEx packages have to be delivered. But at least they bring smiles to the faces of the people receiving the packages. When people get their Christmas FedEx packages, you can feel the radiation from the smiles from miles away.

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And, come Christmas 2011, FedEx is ensuring its customer base that every single package will be delivered for Christmas.  So if you’re looking for something to smile about, when you see those men and women in their navy-blue and purple-stripe clad uniforms, you’re sure to say goodbye to them with a smile on your face!  Now let’s see what’s in those packages…