Allergies Only to Male Dogs?

In a fascinating recent article, CNN explained that your dog allergy might not actually NEED to be a thing. Come again? Yes, that’s right. As Dr. Lakiea Wright, an allergist in Boston explains, as much as 30% of people are allergic to dogs are actually only allergic to male dogs. Why? Because they are actually allergic to a protein that is produced in the dog’s prostate. So you might be able to enjoy having a female or neutered dog.

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The way that allergies work is that the proteins in the urine, saliva and dander are actually what trigger an oversensitive system to react. There are six specific dog allergens in total, and it’s possible to be allergic to one type but not the other. So, how would you find out if you’re only allergic to male dogs? Read the whole article for more tips and ideas. It’s quite a fascinating new look at pet ownership.

Loving Partners Can Cause Death by Kissing

Advising husbands, wives and others who might cause an allergic person to have a reaction through intimate contact like touching, kissing and more, the Food and Drug Administration is warning those partners to also avoid completely those foods and other substances that cause bad reactions in their sensitive loved ones. Short of complete avoidance of those allergic substances, couples should at least refrain from contact within 24 hours of eating the offending foods.

In a surprise discovery researchers have seen that partners of allergic people can trigger an allergic reaction in their sensitive partners by eating the forbidden foods themselves, and brushing teeth and washing hands before contact is not enough. Depending on the degree of sensitivity such contact with people after eating things like peanut butter, or other substances can cause even fatal reactions in their loved ones.

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According to Dr. Sami Bahna, the president of the American College of Allergy, recent research points to the fact that small traces of the offending foods remain in the saliva or other body fluids up to 24 hours after ingestion, and brushing teeth and other efforts at cleaning away the food are just not enough.

“People need to know that intimate contact with individuals who’ve eaten or consumed suspect foods or medicines can also cause problems,” said Dr. Clifford W. Bassett, a clinical instructor at New York University’s School of Medicine, New York City, and an attending physician in the allergy and immunology department of Long Island College Hospital. “So, for people with a significant food allergy it’s always better to play it safe by making sure that everyone knows that in all situations these foods are strictly off-limits.”