Summer Fun Even in the Time of Covid-19

Most of us are disappointed with the summer plans that have been cancelled. Most of the kids around the world aren’t going to camp this summer, and travel has been put on hold. What are you going to do to keep yourself and your children busy and happy during the hottest months of the year – when there is no more online school?

This site offers 40 ideas for keeping cool and having fun even in the time of Corona. Some great ideas include:

  1. Have a barbecue. The more that we are all outside this summer, the better off we will be in terms of the virus. So fire up the grill and have some outdoor barbecues this summer. You can invite a few friends, and keep them at a distance in the backyard, and enjoy the chance to be together.
  2. Go camping. If you can find a campground that isn’t overrun with other campers, it’s a wonderful idea to reconnect with nature this summer and to get the gang outside.
  3. Grow a garden. This takes a lot of time and energy, and could be a perfect way to keep the kids engaged this summer. They will love the satisfaction that comes with seeing what they’ve grown – and eating it!
  4. Buy sidewalk chalk and let the kids get creative. You can have competitions for the best artists, you can have them imitate the work of famous artists and you can have them create a hopscotch area.
  5. Do science experiments. Look online where you’ll find loads of free science ideas that you can do with the kids, or that older children can do by themselves.
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