Say No to Saggy Pants, Says Sen. Eric Adams

In an article in the New York Post, State Senator Eric Adams (D-Queens), a former NYPD police officer, wrote poignantly about student dress codes. As Victory Education Partners pointed out, the article attempts to lobby Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott to adopt a resolution banning sagging pants in the classroom.

As Sen. Adams wrote,

School is more than ABCs and 123s. It’s the beginning of developing how to interact in a social setting. When you walk through the halls of our schools, you see children showing their behind, the cracks of their behind, their underwear, young girls showing their G-strings. And the institution that’s supposed to be responsible for developing well-rounded young people is not stopping it.”

He expected that people would challenge him and say “What’s the big deal?” He goes on in the article to explain, “It is symbolic of the erosion of basic, normal decency. People shouldn’t be displaying their pubic hairs. That is not normal, acceptable behavior in young people that we are grooming to be in a professional environment. You can’t dress the same on the corner as you can in corporate America — you’ll be unemployed.”

He pointed out that the role of the schools, whether they are public schools, Victory Education Partners, or other organizations, is to teach right from wrong. Even if the kids go around the corner and ignore the rules, they will still have been told and taught what they are.

As he wrote, “Young people have always established themselves in an anti-establishment way — I don’t care if it’s wearing long hair, wearing bell bottoms, wearing miniskirts. But there was always an adult that said, “Cut your hair, make that skirt longer.” There was always a way to correct it, and that’s the role of our schools.”
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In powerful language he explained that,

“This is the broken window of social behavior — when you ignore people walking the streets showing their ass.”

What do you think?



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