Robot Explores 2,000 Year Old Tunnel in Mexico


Robots have been used to help industries and consumers perform tasks more efficiently, more reliably, and in many cases performing in ways that humans simply cannot compete. Recently a robot was used to explore an underground tunnel at the ruins of Teotihuacan in Mexico.

The robot, a 12-inch-wide vehicle equipped with a video camera, was able to travel into a 2,000 year old cavern which was found in early 2010 under the ruins of the temples of Teotihuacan. The exploration took place this past November.
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Teotihuacan is the “City of The Gods” located 30 miles northeast of Mexico City. It is considered by many to be Mexico’s most important archeological site. The ancient city was a booming metropolis for 600 years between 100 and 700 AD. Much mystery still surrounds the city and the civilization that built it. Tools such as the robot explorer will help to reveal some of those secrets to archeologists.


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