Reasons to Smile

There are so many reasons to be stressed today. We are all struggling with economic insecurities, social distancing from those we love, and so much more. And while social media can be an incredibly divisive and difficult place to be – it can also be a place that brings us more smiles. Here are a few fun social media accounts that will brighten your day no matter your circumstances at the moment.

There is a French bulldog making people smile this month, as he dresses up in a different costume each day to get ready for Halloween. He goes by Goodboy.toad and he’s definitely worth a glance!

Next, we’ve got an amazing grandmother who is really showing the rest of us how to have fun and how to live. Baddiewinkle will make you smile and giggle.

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For the ultimate famous laugh, Jerry Seinfeld is always a sure win. He’s still got it and he’s offering it up to the rest of us.

The artists out there will love seeing the things that this guy manages to draw on coffee cups.

These are just a few of the many resources you have that can help you to have a minute of fun and light humor in your day. It’s worth the time to brighten up your day and add some smiles!


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