The Most Popular Platic Surgery Is… The Chin Implant

Recent figures have revealed that the most popular cosmetic surgery is the ‘chinplant,’ which focuses on boosting a weak chin or reducing one too prominent. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), chin implants were more wanted in 2011 than breast augmentation, liposuction and Botox- combined!

Last year, over 20,000 chin implant procedures were performed in the United States, mainly in patients over 40 years of age. However, numerous patients were in their twenties, as well. Experts believe the sharp increase in chinplants is a result of the video conferencing trend, which draws focus to an employee’s facial features.

The surgery usually takes around four hours, and is often considered an outpatient procedure. Soreness, swelling and pain tend to last for around two weeks.

Dr. Malcolm Roth, ASPS president, said: “The chin and jawline are among the first areas to show signs of aging. People are considering chin augmentation as a way to restore their youthful look just like a facelift or eyelid surgery. We also know that as more people see themselves on video chat technology, they may notice that their jawline is not as sharp as that want it to be.”

Lizette Stephens confirmed this theory, stating: “I do a lot of video chats and I’m in a lot of photos and noticed that my double chin was very pronounced. It really, really bothered me.
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I wanted to do something about it and get a more profound profile and more definition in my chin area.”

Dr. Darrick Antell, a surgeon in New York, added that the stronger chin may have a real impact on business. “We know that chief executives tend to be tall, attractive, good-looking people,” he said. “We now know that these people also tend to have a stronger chin. As a result, people subconsciously associate a stronger chin with more authority, self-confidence and trustworthiness.”

Other increasingly popular procedures include lip augmentation, cheek implants, laser skin resurfacing, soft tissue fillers, and facelifts.


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