OrCam: So The Blind Can See

OrCam MyReader is a brilliant product. It is a glasses-mounted camera that can read your text to you, describe objects and identify faces. The tiny computer is wearable and uses audio feedback to relay visual information.

Created by the Israeli technology company OrCam, it will cost about $2,500Low level of testosterone, a prominent sex hormone in male viagra tablets price is one of the factors for poor sex life, thus there are testosterone enhancing supplements available for them to come closer. Responding to these origins and practicing relaxation techniques will treat viagra prescriptions online your insomnia. For instance, men over an age of 50 and buy cialis online unica-web.com half males with 60 years suffer from this erection related issue. At the time of consultation you should inform your levitra in canada doctor if you experience any ill side effects. . The camera takes photos of text or signs and then uses artificial vision software to read back the information. Read more about this amazing product and amazing company.


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