New Food Plan for Adults and Teens

Reduce Blood Pressure and Stay Slim

As a way of reducing blood pressure in adults, a new diet has been developed that also claims to “keep tweens and teenagers trimmer.” In a study taken over ten years for girls aged between 9 and 19, it was shown that those youngsters whose diet “most resembled the Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet,” incurred the lowest gains in BMI. As well, the research showed that more education creating awareness on this leads to better diets. The analysis was also more accurate than other studies due to its longevity, assessing 2,237 girls. The assessment was made based on scores given by trained nutritionists: those with the highest DASH score had gained the least weight once all the data had been assembled.

The DASH Diet

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The DASH diet’s main components are: fish, chicken, lean meats, low-fat dairy, fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole grains. The American Heart Association is behind the diet which is said to “lead to significant blood pressure reduction.” One major difference between this and other diets is that it focuses on overall eating plans, as opposed to individualized food items. The study can be found in June’s issue of the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine.

Additional Findings

What was also found was that youngsters are better at weight control with the supplement of dietary education and behavioral therapy. Still, Americans seem to be getting heavier irrespective of “the abundance of information [they are receiving] about eating healthily.” This thus shows that a combined effort must be made if America’s obesity problem is going to be effectively tackled. According to Dr. Mitchell Roslin of Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, the results aren’t “earth-shattering or incredibly impressive but [he] thinks people have to give up on the [idea] that we can educate ourselves out of the obesity epidemic.” If this is the case, then the DASH diet, along with awareness creation and other work, could be just one step in the right direction.


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