Musical Births and Deaths on This Day

On 8 December, Composer Bohuslav Martinu was born.  On the same day, legend musician John Lennon was killed.  It was 1890 that Martinu was born and 90 years later to the date, that Lennon was shot.

Martinu was best-known for being the 20th century’s leading Czech composer.  He studied violin at Prague Conservatoire but was dismissed for his bad attitude.  Later on though, he ended up touring with the Czech Philharmonic and thereafter to Paris to study with Roussel.  Martinu also got very into Parisian culture.  His principal works include: Julietta, Double Concerto, Fantasies symphoniques.

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John Lennon – probably the most famous of The Beatles – on the same day in history 90 years later was killed.  Just a few months after his 40th birthday, the musician was shot a few times on entering his apartment in the upper west side of Manhattan, across from Central Park.  It was a man called Mark David Chapman who fired the five bullets that hit Lennon four times in his back.  He immediately pled guilty at the scene and sentenced to 20 years to life at the Attica Correctional Facility, Attica, New York prison where he remains today.  His parole has been denied six times. John Lennon was an excellent songwriter and had a stunning melodious voice – he was a true natural and an asset and is still missed and mourned today by his fans and family, Yoko Ono (his wife) and Julian Lennon (his son).


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