Mandometer for Healthier Eating

mandoA new Swedish method is teaching those with eating disorders how to start to eat sensibly again. A recent study has found that 75% of the patients who are treated using this method, called Manometer, were free of issues one year later.  The Manometer teaches patients to re-learn normal eating habits with a feedback device that is attached to a scale.

The Mandometer food scale is then attached to a computer which informs the patient about how much he should be eating. The person puts their plate on the scale with the food they plan to eat. As the patient is eating, the computer tells the person how fast they are eating and the patient inputs how full she is feeling during the meal. The goal is to finish the meal in 15 minutes.

The ultimate goal of the tool is to retrain the patient’s brain and to have them eating in a normal way within three or four months.

A study done on this tool that was published in the American Psychological Associations’ journal Behavioral Neuroscience found that 75% of the patients were free of symptoms within 12.5 months. Only 10% of patients were seen to relapse over a five year period.
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As Per Södersten, professor of behavioural neuroendocrinology at Karolinska Institutet’s Department of Neurobiology, said, “This follow-up on 18 years of work show that treatment on a neurobiological base is effective.”

The device can apparently be used in the reverse as well, teaching heavy people to slow down when they eat.


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