Key Ingredients to a Happy Marriage?

William and Kate’s Wedding Feast

Of course it was going to be great food at Prince William’s British royal wedding. There was never any doubt about that. But what was in question was exactly what was to be served, and perhaps more importantly, the cake, the cake!

It was very traditional – British – food that was served at the wedding, including bubble and squeak (this is a dish comprising any vegetables you have leftover from a roast dinner that are then fried with mashed potatoes and often served with any remaining roast from a traditional Sunday dinner; it makes a sort of bubble and squeak sound as its cooked).

In addition, over 10,000 canapes were consumed, made with ingredients from throughout the entire United Kingdom. This included: Cornish crab salad on lemon blini; quails’ eggs; goats’ cheese roulade with caramelized walnuts and Scottish smoked salmon roes on beetroot blini. Quite a feast indeed.

Other key ingredients on Royal chef Mark Flanagan’s list were: duck; watercress; asparagus, chipolatas, haddock, asparagus – and, in keeping with the best of UK tradition – Yorkshire pudding with roast beef.
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On a Sweeter Note

For those with a sweet tooth, they weren’t going to leave disappointed either. They were privy to a “rhubarb crème brulee tartlet, passion fruit praline and chocolate ganache truffle.”

But then what about the cake? Well, since the two young sweethearts clearly couldn’t agree, two cakes were made – one traditional (Kate’s choice) and the other, perhaps not quite so traditional, but maybe very in line with treats that William grew up on. Kate got her eye-stopper: made by Fiona Cairns (a somewhat rags-to-riches story), it was a multi-tiered fruit cake decorated with sugar flowers. She made the cake in Buckingham Palace but then got stuck on the icing that just didn’t seem to do it for her. So the icing was created elsewhere.
As for William, he got his McVitie’s. But it didn’t quite look like the rich tea biscuits you find in the store. It was a four-tiered square chocolate cake, adorned with water lilies, milk and white chocolate feathers, milk chocolate leaves and a whole slew of crushed rich tea biscuits.
So perhaps this gives us more than a lesson on just food. Maybe William and Kate – who really do look extremely happy – have the key ingredients to a happy marriage; if you can’t agree on something, you don’t have to; you should both be happy with what you get and get one each!


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