VizAblate Zapper: Personal Fibroid Detector

The VizAblate non-invasive zapper could be the solution to the problem of fibroids.  In addition, the amount of hysterectomies being needed would be significantly reduced.  If the trials go well in two hospitals in the UK, this treatment could be available by the end of 2012.

A staggering 25 percent of women (approximately) will get these benign lumps, some time in their lives.  Usually they do not cause too many problems (and are thus not even detected, but sometimes they can lead to fertility issues, miscarriage, heavy periods, anemia, as well as gastro-related issues.

Until now they have been treated either with drugs (to create a temporary menopause), surgical removal, or hysterectomy (a removal of the entire womb) when the case is extreme and the patient is really suffering.  This procedure is also only usually carried out when the woman has either completed her family or does not want kids.  Still, it is a surgery and all surgical procedures come with possible complications and risks.

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Non-Invasive Treatment

With the new VizAblate gadget though, pre-treatment is not required, it is non-invasive and the whole procedure can be completed within around 30 minutes.  The device is in the shape of a wand which has the ability to melt the fibroids with its radio-frequency electrical current.  According to device tester from Birmingham Women’s Hospital Professor Janesh Gupta, “you insert the probe into the middle of the fibroid, do the treatment and get out, so you don’t have any potential risk of bleeding.” 


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