Is Your Plate Keeping You Fat?

spaghetti-709337_640You know that diet that you’re always about to start? How about if we told you that you really don’t have to diet – you simply have to change your portion size and a few eating habits. This is the latest finding from Cambridge academics. Their 387 page report showed the most conclusive evidence to date that we simply eat too much food – we eat what we are given even if we don’t need that much.

Here are some tips for portion control:

  1. Reduce the size of the plate or bowl that you have in front of you. This can reduce food intake by 159 calories a day according to the scientists.
  2. Drink one to two glasses of water before starting each meal.
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  4. Eat a salad before you eat other items at your meal to signal to your brain that you’re full.
  5. Use smaller tableware as well and this will mean that you put less food into your mouth as you eat.

These tips certainly can’t hurt, and they just might set you on your way towards a smaller pants size in your future!


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