Holden’s Post-Hollie Healing


Amanda Holden – one of the judges on the UK show “Britain’s Got Talent” (the British version of “American Idol” if you will) – recently gave birth to a second daughter, Hollie Rose.  The media went crazy; in Great Britain one couldn’t pick up a newspaper and avoid it.  After some time has passed for reflection however, the question now being asked is, why did this make such headlines?  One reason is that the TV star almost died and thereafter publicly declared she would not be having any more children.  But is that newsworthy enough?  It now seems that public responses have been somewhat critical as to why Holden has taken up so much real estate in the news.

True, Holden has been through a lot in the birthing department, but unfortunately, this is the case for many mothers.  One pregnancy ended in miscarriage (the stats for that are between 10 and 20 percent of all pregnancies) a stillborn (less common, with approximately one in 150 pregnancies ending this way).  Then, during her most recent birth at the beginning of this year, the mother of 6-year-old Lexi, experienced a major hemorrhage and came dangerously close to death as her heart stopped for 40 seconds and she had to spend three days in the ICU.  Apparently at one point she didn’t think she’d make it home.

Much Ado About Nothing?

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But still, isn’t this a bit of a case of much ado about nothing?  Yes it’s true, Holden is a bit of a star (in the UK) and yes indeed, she did go through something traumatic, but did she really need to take up so much media attention?  The public seems to think not.  As Ben Kendall quite rightly tweeted this week, “If Britain really is drawing up plans for a war in Iran, is that not a better story than Amanda Holden dying for 40 seconds?”  And then there was the voice of Political Scrapbook who likewise tweeted: “Sun on Sunday's first front page splash is an interview with, errrr, Amanda Holden. Weak!” 

On one of the many reports on Holden and Hollie, The Daily Mail reader Linda, from Fife, pointed out, “stop milking it for publicity, you got a 4 page spread yesterday. If you were so close to death's door I can't see how you would have been fit enough to be back at work after 3 weeks.” The woman has a point…

One reads about Holden bemoaning her predicament and how she found it very hard to engage in simple tasks like showering that her mother had to do for her.  Well, probably many new mothers – or indeed anyone who has had surgery – has had to encounter this.  She even got a Zimmer frame but after a day she was reported to have “thrown it away.”  Perhaps the media should have focused more on that and how there are no doubt many people in the UK who would have been delighted to receive her discarded walking aid.

Or maybe all of this is good news for Britain; that thankfully there’s nothing too tragic to report on so we need to read about this.  Nice in an ideal world, but we all know that’s not the world in which we live so perhaps we should move back to reporting real news and leave Holden to bond with Hollie Rose.


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