Hilton Hits Jackpot


As if prosperous Paris didn’t have enough money already.  She was already an heiress, successful model, actress, socialite and widely-known as the IT girl by the time she was 19.  So she wouldn’t be the first on our list of people who could really benefit from a huge win in Vegas over the weekend… Yes, granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, Paris Hilton was probably the last person to need a huge cash injection.  But that’s exactly what she got over the weekend as the 30 year-old celebrated turning 31 in a Las Vegas casino.  Her gambling party turned out to be more than just fun; winning $30,000 at the blackjack table made it a quite lucrative evening as well.

Life Isn’t Fair

Come on…shouldn’t gambling be one of those activities that helps the less well-to-do in society rise above their situation? In an ideal world perhaps…but the happy-go-lucky Hiltons of this world just prove again how not ideal life can be.  Because really, it’s not like the woman needed the money. The crazy thing with Hilton though, is that it probably didn’t even make a dent in her finances which are no doubt in top notch condition and not in need of an additional injection.

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Paris Goes Public

And of course, just to make sure she was rubbing salt in all her fans’ wounds, she had to tweet her success. "Just won 30k playing blackjack at Wynn Las Vegas. Yes! #BirthdayGirlsLuck. I love gambling,” the ridiculously rich lady wrote.  Yes, that’s it; it must have been luck. Because she needed some good luck in the money department…not.

Cover Up Hilton

All we can say is that maybe she’ll be able to use that cash to buy some clothes given that half of her body is always uncovered.  Perhaps now she’ll be able to afford it now or at least use the money for lawyers’ fees in the next scandal she causes that leads her to jail.  Because it’s bound to happen after what was revealed in 2010 of the homemade sex video of her with Rick Salomon (her boyfriend at the time).  Or the time she was charged with a DUI offence in California. Or when the following year she had to go to jail for violating her probation.  Yes, clearly Hilton does need her blackjack winnings.


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