Ketchup Gets a Makeover

Heinz Ketchup is getting a makeover.  It seems that there have been quite a few complaints about how Heinz Ketchup has been served in mini-packets in restaurants over the years.  Consumers have said that the packets are too small and ultimately extremely messy; they’re just not as efficient as they should be. 

Heinz Expectations

People expect more from the big Heinz Ketchup giant and thus the company has responded with its manufacture of new, larger, more efficient packets which hold three times as much ketchup.  These are now being served in restaurants, under the name “Dip & Squeeze.”  With this new packet, the top is peeled off and a shallow cup is revealed for dipping. Or, the user can do it the old, traditional way, and tear off the end and squeeze.  Even with the second option however, there is still much more ketchup available and thus consumers end up feeling more satisfied.

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The new packets have been available for a while.  In fact, over 220 million “Dip & Squeeze” packets have been shipped by Heinz since March 2011 (when they first appeared in restaurants).  They have been used in Dairy Queen and other chain restaurants now for a while, and plenty of other top eateries are in the testing process.  According to one CBS customer, they are both easy to open and great for dipping!

First Makeover

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, this is the first time the ketchup packet from Heinz has actually had a makeover in the last four decades since it was first launched.  But the move has definitely not come too soon; company executives have been joking that it only took a year for complaints of the little messy-making packet to begin.


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