Have Your Pie And Eat It Too

Tehachapi Pie Bakers

Just like there can’t be marriage without love, nor can there be a horse without a carriage (if you trust the famous song), there simply cannot be Thanksgiving without pie.  So, given that the holiday season is approaching, a little bit of investigative work was undertaken to find out how the pie-baking was going in Tehachapi, CA for the upcoming holiday.

Some people like the tradition of baking their own pies, and that’s perfectly fine.  But for those who figure they may just be better off with the help of an expert, the Tehachapi pie-bakers don’t intend to let anyone down.

How Many Types of Pie?

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It seems like the people of Tehachapi must like variety since there are around 20 different pies being baked in the region, all prepared by the city’s local bakers.  Perhaps even more interesting to pie lovers in the hood, is the one pie that is unique to the place which cannot be found anywhere else in the whole world, and that is the Tehachaberry Pie.

In all, at least 20 different kinds of pies will be prepared by local bakers including one pie found nowhere else in the world — the Tehachaberry Pie. Stuffed with raspberries and blackberries and sprinkled with a dash of cinnamon, it has been described as “out of this world.”  The brainchild of Charles Lewis of Tehachapie, it has become well-known over the years.

For those wanting something more traditional though, rest assured that Tehachapie has it all: from apple to cherry; coconut cream to lemon meringue and everything else in between – this is the place to get your yummy Thanksgiving pie.


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