First Treatment for Alopecia to Hit the Market Soon

Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that causes mild to extreme hair loss. Individuals suffering from alopecia finally have reason to celebrate, as the United Stated Food and Drug Administration has recently approved the very first alopecia treatment drug.

Ritlecitinib, also known as Litfulo, is approved for people aged 12 and above. In a clinical trial run by Yale University, approximately 30% of participants taking Litfulo saw significant hair regrowth. Associate professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine, Dr. Brett King, called the development of Litfulo a “huge advancement” and “nothing short of transformative.”

As the treatment becomes available to the public, patients will certainly notice the high cost of this new drug. Manufactured by Pfizer, the list price of a one-year supply of Litfulo is close to $50,000, but the actual cost will depend of the insurance held by individual patients. A spokesperson from the pharmaceutical company said, “We are committed to helping patients access the treatments they need… There will be copay savings for commercially insured patients and a patient assistance program for eligible patients to help achieve this”.


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