Eye on Fashion: Boobs and Bucks


Where Weird is Wonderful

It’s Milan Fashion Week and it seems like if it’s not weird, it’s just not wonderful.  But can that sometimes go a bit far and end up as stupid and tacky?  Apparently the world of fashion and its shows don’t think so.  With that theory, the 2012 collections will certainly be “wonderful” in the stir some of them have been causing amongst the guests and media. 

Maybe it’s a good thing though since some of the guests seem to want to burn holes in their proverbial pockets, with the amount of money they will be spending, especially those well-to-do Asian fashion-lovers itching to come away with something totally different.  Well they won’t be disappointed.  The big names include:  Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Prada, John Richmond, Alberta Ferretti amongst others. 

Bringing Home Big Bucks?

So does it look like these big names will be making big bucks as well as being wacky? It’s not so clear.  According to the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, it seems that sales will be down 5.2 percent this year from a 5.5 percent growth they enjoyed in 2011.  This may be surprising there were similar growth levels enjoyed in 2010.  The main hope for this year though is realistic: not to have a huge growth, but just not to end up with losses encountered in 2008/9 when sales plummeted 15 percent.

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Mega Madness not in Milan

If you’re goal is to find weird freaky stuff though, it’s not necessarily Milan you want to be an observer at, but the Alta Roma Fashion Week. There you will be privy to Gianna Molara’s boob.  Well, the designer isn’t baring her boob per se, but she is sending out a model on to the catwalk dressed top to toe as yes, a boob.  The model remained anonymous (who would want to go out on a catwalk proudly sprouting a boob outfit and then be chatting amongst the audience later on) and wore a nude triangular get-up with one breast plastered across her chest.

And for those who didn’t quite get the breast picture in full, the audience was privy to a different model wearing a bunch of umbrellas that were sewn together to create a large skirt which revealed her real life breast as opposed to an entire body “modeling” as a boob.

Other Fashion Week Faux Pas

Getting weird in a different way, it would be understandable if one were to ask Sadie Frost what on earth she let her 11-year old daughter wear at the Vivienne Westwood Show at London Fashion Week.  On first glance, Iris’s outfit just looked like a sweet little girl’s dress, with lots of love hearts printed on it. But, on closer inspection, given that the “love hearts” didn’t quite have such sweet messages but instead phrases that included: ‘Blow Me,’ ‘Eat Sh*t,’ ‘Please Drown’ and others, it does make one question whether Ms. Frost knew of her daughter’s outfit before she showed it at one of the top fashion events of the year.

Ultimately, European Fashion Weeks are always going to have something a little daring on show, otherwise there’d be nothing for the media to moan about. But please, at least make it classy – the boob and the blatantly boorish love hearts dress don’t quite fit that bill.


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