Elephant Anne’s Retirement

Good news for old elephant Anne who will now be retiring from her “job” at the Bobby Roberts Super Circus. And it couldn’t have come sooner for poor old Anne who was severely mistreated by her employers. The poor old lady – who had been dedicated to her performance for the last 54 years – has sustained so many injuries since she started there. Indeed, no one knows exactly what she had to encounter over the last five decades plus but what was revealed was what the poor old elephant encountered just in the last year. It was revealed that Anne was “shackled by one foot, stabbed with a pitchfork and kicked in her painfully arthritic leg by a monstrous Romanian groom called Nicolae, who has now fled the country.”

Animal Welfare Groups Look out for Anne

Thanks to the work of Animal Defenders International, Anne was finally rescued. They teamed up with British newspaper The Daily Mail, secretly getting video footage on what has been going on. Thankfully the nightmare is now over for Anne who has been transferred to the stunning home of Longleat Safari Park, Wiltshire. This couldn’t be further (in every way) from how she has been living until now and there is hope that she will make a full recovery from her ordeal.
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Just looking at poor old Anne you can immediately tell how rough things have been for her; she has sad, weepy eyes, unkempt yellow toenails and a “sad, knobbly stump” marking the endpoint of her tail. She breathes with difficulty, shuffles slowly as she drags her back legs along the concrete floor with her forlorn head “bobbing nervously up and down.”

Poor old Anne. Let’s hope there are better, happier, brighter days in store for this dedicated hard working entertainer who will finally be left in peace to enjoy the retirement she so greatly deserves.


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