Nintendo’s New 3DS

Nintendo’s new 3D console has been met with rage, as thousands of buyers suffer from headaches, eyestrain and dizziness. What’s worse is that stores refuse to refund the money once the packaging has been opened.


Sundeep Taylor played with his son for barely three minutes before becoming ill. Less than 24 hours later, he returned the console. At the local Game store, he was told he that the product was non-refundable, but eventually offered to return a fraction of the original price.

Sundeep later said “I lost money in just 24 hours. There will probably be more people in my position.”


The headaches and other ailments are most likely a result of the 3D technology, which directs different images to each eye in order to create the effect. Last week, Nintendo announced that the device is not safe for children under the age of seven, and that the 3D mode should be left on no longer than thirty minutes.

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Game is offering a sum of money as store credit, or a smaller amount in cash, for consoles which are brought in before April 25th. A spokesman said: “Although we’ve not been able to offer a full refund to those complaining of feeling ill- we are offering alternative options to help those who have been affected in this way.”

Nintendo is not worried. They said feedback is “overwhelmingly positive.”


Angie is a home health nurse who has been working with patients for over 20 years. In her free time, she enjoys dabbling in the stock market, taking spinning classes, cooking and gardening. She loves being the editor at Sunstone. Reach her at angie[at]

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